14 August 2007

5 Things I'm Grateful For

I hear more and more on the importance of gratitude and dwelling on the things that make you happy and how doing this can indeed make you happier and healthier, not to mention making you more pleasant to be around.

Lately, I haven't been doing this. I find myself worried about a variety of issues looming large and generating a lot of venom. Doesn't help. Intellectually, I know this.

So it's time to invite the energy I want by showing my appreciation for all that I have--and I do have so much.

In that spirit I present a quick list of five things I'm grateful for:

1. Firefox (gee I hope the IE police don't hear me)
2. Gooseberries
3. Candlelight dinners with hubby
4. Family
5. A good laugh via a friend

Thank you, Universe!

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