22 August 2007

Don't Know Why There's No Sun Up In The Sky (Linganore)

Amazing what a difference a little rain can provide.

On the plus side, after months of drought we get a few days of rain and the plants and our water budget get a break.

On the negative, we went to the Linganore/Berrywine "Crossing Into Country" Wine Festival over the weekend and the intermittent rain kept 90% of the people away. It's a shame for the hosts that go to so much trouble to get such a lousy return on their investment. This is a great venue for live music (which they had), crafts (yup), and food (that, too) in addition to wine sampling... when it's nice and sunny. We stayed for about an hour but never even put our ground cloth down because the rain kept spitting. We did manage to try all the wines, including the reserves, and it was, well, interesting. They're known in part for non-grape "wines". So if you'd rather have your drink made from Strawberries or Blackberries or such, this is the place for you!

We didn't invest at Linganore (beyond the $10 cover charge and something to eat) but we did invest in a few bottles at Loew Vineyards (check out the surprising "Serendipity") and Elk Run Vineyards (hubby loves their dessert Vin de Jus Glace but we found a few more wines we liked, too.) Both vineyards are in the same neighborhood as Linganore.

Pretty country up in that area of Maryland, even in the rain. Lots of tall trees, cows, geese, egrets, hawks and such.

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