01 August 2007

Proof MeetUp

Went to Proof at 775 G Street NW (a block from the Gallery Place metro and right across from the National Gallery) last night for a Virginia Wine Meetup. Nice bunch of people and Proof was also a good experience over all.
First the bad:
The bar is small in footprint making for a very crowded, noisy experience and making it hard to not be in the way of the hurried and harried waitstaff. We were constantly being shepherded this way and that.
Now the good:
Lots of very tasty wines in your choice of 2 oz, 4 oz, and 6 oz servings that range from very reasonably priced to quite pricey. This is a great way to try some new options without the big commitment of a full glass. Most people tried 2 oz versions of a variety of wines but I was so smitten with the Viura I'd tried a sip of that I quickly upgraded (they'll do that, too) from a 2 oz to a 4 oz and followed that up with a 6 oz of same.
Plus the menu looked quite nice. We tried the cheese plate and got a wonderful selection of 3 cheeses (an ash-rind goat, a cow and a sheep's milk) which was served with raisin bread crisps, a fruit chutney and a honey. It was all delicious.
Odd but wonderful coincidence:
This is the second time I've attended a wine meetup with the group and the second time I've been given double the cheese I'd ordered complements of the establishment. Last time was at EatBar, where a mistake was made by someone new in the kitchen. This time, I'd ask for additional toast when the cheese plate arrived so it would be easier to share. The waiter said he'd get it for me. Then 20 minutes later he came back with a whole new cheese plate, apologizing because he'd forgotten about the extra toast. Honestly, so had I, but since he'd gone to so much trouble to get me another cheese plate I didn't want to offend him by refusing it. ;)


Dezel said...


Sounds like a good time. I have to get out with the Meet-Up group more often myself. Did they have the classic Enomatic machines or the CA Winekeeper dispenser? Could you get the wine yourself w/ a card or were you served?

Thanks for sharing the find : )

Happy Sipping!


lacochran said...

Hi Dezel,

It was not self serve. We told the bartender what wine we wanted in what size and he pressed the buttons and brought it to us. Is that the enomatic or the winekeeper version? It was cool, whatever it was. :)