24 August 2007

The Little Plastic Doohickey (Car Window Go Bye-Bye)

I am driving in to work and my rear, passenger-side window drops into the door. Great.

At lunch the mechanic tells me that it's the regulator. They're all made of plastic--the regulators not the mechanic-- and they go very easily. But you can't just order the regulator... you need the whole assembly from the dealer which, on my car, will run me ~$600, and it can't be done before Monday.

Oh joy.

So I picked up the car again so I could get home for the weekend. Not before the mechanic mentioned that the front brakes seemed to be wearing quickly. He says maybe I've got another 3k to go. Grrrr.

I guess I've been lucky in that I've gotten to 100K without replacing a window assembly before. Mother's had two go within weeks of each other and hubby's had one or two go, too.


On the bright side (literally), it's a nice sunny day so I don't have to worry about the rain pouring in as I make my way home.

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