27 August 2007

The Eagles Release Studio Album in October

Not to be outdone by the Backstreet Boys... ;)

LONDON (Reuters) - The Eagles will release "Long Road Out of Eden", their first full studio album for 28 years, in October, Universal Music Group said on Wednesday.

I got the see the Eagles--17th row on the floor-- a few years ago and I gotta say it's one of the best experiences I've ever had in public. They played for hours and the whole audience sang along to 99% of the songs. Freaky! And great fun! They are incredible musicians and even better harmonizers, even after all these years. I got to see them at a benefit so I didn't wind up paying the usual (read "ridiculously high") ticket price and I'm so glad I got tickets. Well worth getting up in the wee hours to stand on line.

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