17 August 2007

But can you define "the"?? (ATandT Minutes)

I have a rechargeable calling card which is now under the auspices of ATandT. I don't use it often as I have a cell phone and a long-distance deal on my home phone. Once in a while, though, I use the card so I am not running up someone else' bill. Yesterday, my minutes were down to twenty-some and I punched in the option to reload my card with minutes. Except the old spiel was replaced with a new spiel... "ATandT calling minutes are based on a state rate and may reflect a higher charge per minute. To hear the rate, enter the area code you are calling from and press pound." I do, and hear that for this area code three ATandT charge minutes are equal to one minute. What the...!!?? I try my home area code and find that the Maryland area code is a bargain compared to calling from Alexandria where ATandT charges five minutes for one (real) minute. What gets me is that they actually refer to their charge unit as minutes. Huh???? Outrageous.

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