18 October 2006

Wesley... say it ain't so!

Wesley Snipes... tax fraud?? a warrant for his arrest?! indicted??! possible 30 years in prison?!?!!

It just makes no sense.


Makes me wonder if there'll be Wesley sightings in far off places... far from the long arm of the law.


Dezel said...

Hey you never know, I truly do not understand why these people who have more bucks than us average Joes, and work less harder cannot do whats right.

If you've seen any of his movies, he is pretty slippery, so I would not be shocked either...

Somehow the rich stay rich by strong fisting their dollars.

Happy Sipping!


lacochran said...

I don't know what you mean by slippery. He looks dang good to me! :)

Dezel said...

LOL....he always gets out of tight spots : )