27 October 2006

Ick! The growing Dada trend as protest to the Iraq war

According to http://www.dadaboom.com/dada.html 's "Brief History of Dadaism"

The movement was devoted to the negation of all traditional values in philosophy and the arts. Its form was a protest against what its leaders felt was the insane destruction of civilized life and thought during World War I. The Dada review proclaimed it's intention to replace logic and reason with deliberate madness and to substitute intentionally discordant chaos for established notions of beauty or harmony in the arts.

ANOTHER Dada exhibit has hit town. This time hosted by the District of Columbia Arts Center. Was the sizable exhibit at the National Gallery just a few months ago, with it's horribly depressing, discordant and disturbing "art" not enough?

All I can think is that this must be a form of protest against the current horribly depressing, discordant and disturbing war.


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