24 October 2006

"I'm somebody now!"--The Jerk, Part II: Another blog linked to my blog

It's true! I was updating my ping on Technorati (who says I can't GeekSpeak?!) and I noticed there were four links to my blog. Three are alter-ego's on different blogging sites (non-Blogger.com) to allow me to comment on sites that demand an account in their own universe. But then there was another one:

"Thumb drives and oven clocks
3 days ago in Thumb drives and oven clocks by thegrue · 43 blogs link here
I do what I want. Still, Jessa Crispin got everyone talking about the book again, and people are comparing their scores like high schoolers on SAT
day , and lest you think I'm an intellectual party pooper denying you assurance of my well-grounded authority on the subject of literature, I..."

What I was to come to realize was that Darby, the site owner, referenced my blog on "1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die". And okay, it wasn't exactly complimentary, but, hey, like they say in Hollywood "There's no such thing as bad publicity."

Now that I've referenced his web-site, is the blogging universe going to collapse on itself in a horrible circular reference?


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