31 October 2006

Blogging for Attention but Not All Snoop Dog and Reese Witherspoon

It's interesting to watch the blogging world vie for attention in a constantly changing world. Like the Michael McDonald character, Stewart, on Mad TV, there are now millions of people calling out "Look what I can do!" and often offering something about as impressive as Stewart's goofy side jump. Bloggers are seeking ways to get more traffic, more listings, more links. And because this is a medium born of geekitude, there are plenty of ways to rack and stack blog rank.

I'm thinking the people that really master riding the wave of the next big thing and the next big thing and the next big thing really ought to be leading advertising companies. Maybe blogging IS the future of advertising. Or is advertising the future of blogging?

They say the recent airplane hit in New York, that turned out NOT to be a terrorist hit, got communicated very quickly thanks to the internet, and in particular, blogs! So it's not ALL Snoop Dog and Reese Witherspoon. But we do love to dish the dirt, don't we?!

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