06 October 2006

Foley's Folly/Gilliam/Andale/Chophouse

I'd smirk at the hubris of Foley and his party comrades if it all weren't so pathetic and sad.

So I'll write about something else...

Didn't get in to see Terry Gilliam, as planned, at the Hirshorn. The line wrapped double the lobby by the time we got there (which was way before tickets went on sale.) Perhaps its just as well as the Hirshorn description said this was Gilliam's "most intense work to date."

So we strolled up to Andale to get some of their yummy food and drink instead only to find they were closed up! Ack. I've sent e-mail to Tom Sietsema hoping he can shed some light on this horrible turn of events.

So we kept strolling up 7th and wound up at the remarkably crowded and rather mediocre for the money District Chophouse & Brewery. I will say that their Octoberfest beer was quite tasty and the service was good. And the space is interesting. But--call me crazy--I look for more than that in a restaurant.

Here's something I don't get. What's the point of having music piping in when all you can vaguely hear is the bass line of something nondescript to begin with? Meanwhile, in the basement where the rest rooms and the banquet room are, you could quite well enjoy the standards piped in. I don't get it.

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