17 October 2006

One experience can make or break

I just got an add from TravelZoo (a GREAT organization) advertising a travel special. This one happens to be for a Lufthansa flight sale. I had an immediate, visceral reaction: No way am I ever flying Lufthansa again! I was on a Lufthansa flight for business many years ago (probably about 15 years by now) and as we taxied down the runway and took off, water began to run from along the ceiling molding onto me. I was shocked and uselessly tried to catch the water in my hands and deflect it! It was at that moment that my focus shifted to the stewardess who was strapped in facing me. She was laughing! How very helpful.

One experience. Many years ago. That's enough to ruin the whole organization's reputation for me. I wonder if clods like this woman have any idea how they affect the bottom line. Well, if she treated others the way she treated me, she's probably (hopefully) long gone. Still, fair or not, the damage is done.

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