19 October 2006

1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die

Oh great. More nagging. That's what I need. A list of 1001 books that I "must" read before I die. That's right. Somebody has put a list together and it's blazing through the blogging world like wildfire. So, okay, I'll fan the flame but in a different way.

I admit it. I heard of this and I looked at the list. I compared myself to it. I didn't actually print it out and tick off the ones I've read or tried to read (yeah, there's definitely some of those on the list) but I looked. What's the point?! Should I feel inadequate? Should I rush to the library and start working my way through this to meet some bogus standard? Should I feel smug that I haven't been "gammoned" entirely? What does it mean? Nothing.

Why do they do it? Why do we care?? But we do.

That's why I'm not providing a link to the list. I know you. You couldn't stop yourself. You'd look.

Yes, you would.

Oh, fine. Here:


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