17 October 2006

Storing up our nuts for the winter

Something about this season... time seems to warp and shift.

There seems to be a lot of activity as the days get shorter. A need to pack it all in before we pack it all in. The flurry of holidays. The piling on of layers of clothes and layers of fat. The forced cheerful bluster in the midsts of the impending wintry bluster.

I look at my neighbors decorating their houses with all sorts of fall/Halloween paraphernalia. Sure, it's cheerful. Still, I have no desire to join in. Eat the chocolate, yes, but put out skeletons and such? Nah. If anything, it makes me want to divest myself of some of the stuff I already have.

I can't deny my feelings but I can't help the nagging sense that I'm not being a good, consumptive American.

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Dezel said...


Sometimes it is good to enjoy the fruits of anothers labor, as with the wine we so enjoy.

Over X-Mas I will enjoy all the lights and decorative homes, but as years past will likely not put anything up myself. Perhaps one day this will change, but for now its just personal preference.

Happy Sipping!