02 October 2006

So That's Cool/National Book Festival/Brad Meltzer

So cool! Got to the National Book Festival on Saturday on the mall. Even though it was drizzly and sometimes more than drizzly, I was still pleased to be there. Got to hear Brad Meltzer speak (very entertaining even in his answers to audience questions), shake his hand, and got his autograph on a copy of his latest, "The Book of Fate."

Curious thing number 1: I think he said he writes and edits a whole book about 7 times, page by page. Seven detailed passes on a 500 page manuscript. Yowza. That's dedication. He's earned the right to be a best-selling author! Well, that and he's a great writer. :)

Curious thing number 2: I wonder how many times he gets asked an original question from the audience. I'm thinking not too often.

Curious thing number 3: Despite meeting hundreds, maybe thousands of people, he took time with each one, was happy to personalize the autograph, take pictures, shake hands, chat, etc. Yeah, I know these are his customers. Still, a lot of people would get it over with as quickly as possible. Meltzer was very gracious and thanked everybody warmly.

Curious thing number 4: Is there anything better than a cone of those glazed almonds? Sooooooooooooo good. If I had any sense this would be the business I'd go into. The cinnamon smell alone sells the product.

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