23 July 2009

"Everybody's talkin' at me" --Harry Nillson


Yesterday was a blur and today shows signs of being icky*, too, so let's keep this brief, hm?

I know people that read the blogs of everyone who reads their blog. I also know people that state "Read what you want to read, period."

The questions du jour:
Do you read everyone that reads you? Do you read only the blogs that entertain you?

Unrelated bonus question because you look so gosh darn cute in that outfit today:
Do you feel cheated when the first square or two of toilet paper gets shredded when you try to start the roll?

Yet another unrelated super bonus question because your hair smells terrific: When you hear commercials for the inhaler Spiriva, do you think "Spiriva... great device for helping people breathe" or do you think "Spiriva... I think I got a nasty case of that when I ate some bad oysters"?

* Technical jargon. Feel free to be in awe.


charlotteharris said...

When I was blogging, I simply couldn't. I do not know how people do the whole quid pro quo commenting thing... there's not enough time in the day. (But I always have time to read yours <3)

Not applicable. I use a bidet. Just kidding.

Not applicable. Never heard this ad. Not kidding.

justjp said...

I will read my readers posts and give it a good go. However, if they don't hold my attention, I let it go by the way side.

Kate said...

I read who reads me most of the time, yes. But sometimes I can't keep up, then I just read my favorites.

And the TP? I'm just glad when I know I have some in the house.

AbbotOfUnreason said...

I read all of my reader's blogs, because I only have three readers, so it's easy. I guess I don't read the blogs of people who read my blog but don't comment (since I don't know about them). I subscribe to the RSS feed of everyone who leaves a comment; that makes it easier, too.

I feel cheated when the paper towel in the restroom dispenser rips into finger-sized bits. I refuse to admit it's my fault even though it explicitly says to use both hands. Who uses both hands to pull a paper towel?

Barbara said...

I read at least those people who leave me comments, mostly because I like them and also because they usually write something interesting. If someone doesn't write regularly, then I read even less regularly. There are 3 Blogs on my link list that I read every day (yours included) with no strings attached.

I feel myself sort of gradually slipping away from the Blogging addiction, even though I still seem to throw out a few words every day. I wonder if I will have the good sense to stop before it becomes embarrassing?! :)

As to the toilet paper question, I hate to be the first one to break into a new roll of cheap toilet paper, especially if I'm in a hurry. I always get a laugh out of the fact that my cleaning person does that little origame thing on the end of the TP, like they do in hotels (it says "I was here and I checked your TP.") I'm so glad I don't have her job.

Spirivra does sound a bit like Viva. But since I don't watch TV, I've never heard of it and thank God, I don't need an inhaler!

Lemmonex said...

I don't...if I like it, I read it, but life is too short to read something that does not hold my interest.

Rose said...

If a new person comments on my blog, I put them in my Google Reader. If, over time, I find myself reading it and enjoying it - I'll keep it on the Reader. But every so often I just do a clear-out where I delete blogs that don't interest me.

f.B said...

I look at a lot more than I actually read, if that makes any sense. If it's not someone I know I can trust, the first few sentences mean everything. I try to get back to everyone, but I fail.

Hannah said...

As a form of courtesy, I do read and comment on blogs who have done the same on mine. But if their blog is centered around something that I am not too familiar with (Detailed computer and tech stuff for example) then I don't tend to visit very often.

Liebchen said...

I read most that read mine - and I read a lot more than I comment on, myself.

And I hate when the TP is shredded.

repliderium.com said...

I'll read everyone if they entertain me but won't stick around if they don't.
I feel VERY ripped off about shredded TP
When I hear spiriva, I think sprulina- that weird seaweed drink stuff that is thick as tar.
ps- thanks for the hair compliment- it's new shampoo. I smell lovely, don't I?

Bilbo said...

I read every new reader's blog at least once. If I think it's interesting, I'll keep reading.

Bonus Question 1: Yes. No elaboration needed.

Bonus Question 2: I got shots for Spiriva long ago. At least, I think I did...I was in the Air Force and they gave me shots for everything else.

kelsi said...

i read what i want to read, although i at least look at someone's blog if they start commenting on my site. generally, i've found that the people who stick around and read what i spew are usually pretty interesting to me - like minds, or something?

as far as my hair, i think you need to take three steps back, thanks!

Mike said...

Q1 - Yes but there arn't that many so it's easy.

Q2 - You can still afford TP?

Q3 FYI for everyone - spirilla - aerobic bacteria of the genus Spirillum - pathogenic for humans - bearing a tuft of flagella.

LiLu said...

I try. Yes. And I think I just got a disease from reading the word "Spiriva".

Sean said...

I don't know what I'd do without Google Reader. I get to read all the blogs of people that read me (and more) all in one place. So, yes to your first question.

Bonus question #1: Yes, though I try to make up for it by using as much as possible at the end of the role. Is that TMI?

Tina said...

I go in streaks - like I just had to catch up on neary a month of yours. I don't worry who reads me though - one becaude not many do and two because i have been lousy about posting recently.

I like being first to start the TP. No worries about whos germy hands have been on it.

The verification word is unshag - now how exactly would you accomplish that I wonder?

Lora said...

were you in my house this morning? Because I was fighting with my new roll and cursing the company because I swear that they put the glue on so thick that you lose like 100 squares, and then you have to go buy more.

I do try to read everyone who reads me, but to what degree I pay attention varies. Sometimes I only check in once every 6 months or so, sometimes I read every post the minute it comes out. I feel like some of my readers care about me so damned much, that I feel bad if I don't at least make an effort to care about them back. Isn't that terrible?
But I get little emails or comments from some people all the time but their blogs are so boring but since they care if I have a damned runny nose, I don't want to miss if their mom dies or something.

I'm such an asshole.

rothko said...

I keep a lot of blogs in my reader. I step in and out of them. Ultimately, I read extraordinarily little. I usually assume nobody is reading me. Which I find to be a good way to carry on. Although I'm not carrying on at all at the moment. So, in fact, nobody is reading me. I still read extraordinarily little. But that's only because reading hurts my brain. It has nothing to do with who or what I'm reading. Am I going in circles?

Thanks for noticing my outfit. The straw hat is from Mexico. I don't feel cheated at all. Because I believe the first couple of squares are bad luck.

I don't have any hair, so I know you're lying about the way it smells, you tease. So I'm not answering your question about Spiriva.

G said...

I read yours because you make me smile. Period.
But I wish you didn't have "word verification". Pain in the ass, it is.

Mike said...

@G - In the early days of blogging if you didn't have word verification your comments would fill up with spam. I see you don't have it turned on so maybe it's not a problem anymore. But I wouldn't want to take the chance. Besides ......

Wv: platoi - I want to be LA's ...

Reya Mellicker said...

I have a very huge and extended "blog family" and though I don't have time to check all the blogs every day, I get around to catch up with most of them.

As opposed to those who think blogging is "self indulgent" or judge it in other ways, I believe it's an extraordinary phenomenon unlike anything that has existed. It's a common meeting space for writers and artists and photographers.

I think bloggers are generous to put their thoughts and ideas out into the world where they can be shared by others, and I love the free space, non edited, non censored aspect of blogging. Take it or leave it as you will.

I am pro-blogging, and I vote!

Reya Mellicker said...

"I get around to catch up with most of them" means I read what I can, when I can. It's sporadic, non methodical and pure pleasure.

Felisa said...

I read almost everyone who comments on my blog... but if their post isn't of any interest to me, I don't force myself to read it. I just wait for another post that I have something to say to.

Do you feel cheated when the first square or two of toilet paper gets shredded when you try to start the roll?

YES. And I also feel cheated when the last bit of the paper towel shreds because it's stuck on.

lacochran said...

charlotteharris: I was hoping you not have abandoned your blog entirely. It's always been a good read.

justjp, Lemmonex, Rose, Liebchen, Mike, LiLu, Tina: Thanks for weighing in.

Kate: Good prioritization on the TP there.

AbbotofUnreason: People who are bound by convention?

Barbara: I'm honored, thanks! "Embarrassing" makes for *great* blog material. I like the origami toilet paper end--so special! :)

f.B: It makes sense. And that's my methodology with choosing books: Do the first few sentences grab me? (I don't wind up reading a lot of books.)

Hannah: Good point--it's hard to feign interest in something you don't connect with.

repliderium.com: Oh, you *do*! You *do*!

Bilbo: Like Tequila shots? No wonder you joined up.

kelsi: You don't want to spoon?

Sean: It's just prudent in this economy.

Lora: Nah, just honest.

rothko: "Am I going in circles?" In the best possible way.

G: Thanks. And Mike's right. Even with wv, I still get spammed periodically. *That's* a pain in the ass.

Mike redux: Oooo, a victi--er, volunteer!

Reya Mellicker: I vote for you for Blogging Spokeswoman 2009.

Felisa: And justly so!

Little Ms Blogger said...

I'm unemployed, I have the time. However, some I skim because I hate poetry (there I said it) or they have rambled beyond belief and my head spins.

How about you?

About the TP, I can live with the botchy 1st square, but go ape shit when hubby used the last square and forgot to tell me before I sit down.

lacochran said...

Little Ms Blogger: *gasp* (on the poetry thing)
When I have lots of time I read any and all that I can get through. When I don't, I don't.
You mean instead of replacing the roll, he tells you it's empty? I think I see the root of the problem...

Kate said...

I don't know if I read everyone who reads me -- I'm thinking there are lurkers out there I don't know about. If I get a comment from someone new to my blog, I'll check out their blog, but I don't feel obligated to continue reading it if it doesn't keep my interest.

Cyndy said...

I read and comment on some blogs regularly and others sporadically. I leave comments on lots of blogs that don't comment on mine and I don't know whether they read mine or not. I'm happy if they do visit, but there's no point in being disappointed if they don't, so I don't expect it. I hope that the comments I leave here and there make up in some way for the extremely small volume of material I've posted lately.