14 July 2009

Assorted Flotsom

[No, no! Hank you for the attention to etail!!]

Weird little things that I should probably have saved for TMIT:

  • I have an extremely mild allergy to cranapple juice. I drink cranapple juice mixed with seltzer multiple times a week and every time I drink it, two minutes later, my nose runs. Just a little bit.
  • My feet squeak. Charming, yes? I am always barefoot and now that I live in a house with a good stretch of hardwood floors, I've come to realize that I turn my feet enough as I walk for them to squeak. Who needs to beat box when parts of you are naturally musical?
  • And what the heck is this:

I've seen these purple contraptions in the trees in Maryland and in Virginia. Anybody in the know?


Matt said...

Someone told me those purple things collect samples of ash or something?

Im not sure. Personally I think they are mind control devices.

Narm said...

Seriously? You are going to make it THAT easy to make a joke about other parts of you being naturally musical?

Too easy.

Fearless in Toronto said...

I thought they were underpants. Clearly, I need my vision checked.

Little Ms Blogger said...

Living in CT, don't have a clue what the purple boxes are, but very pretty.

I have to agree with Narm. You really are leaving yourself open to mockery when posting about body parts that make musical sounds.

Liebchen said...

I haven't seen any of the purple boxes (my first thought was kite) but I bet Matt's right.

Gilahi said...

Maybe it's not your feet. Maybe it's just mice messin' with your mind.

jinxygrrl said...

The little purple bags and boxes have an insecticide in them to kill the "new" bugs that are killing the ash trees. Yes, I am smart. But I live in Ashburn. Seriously, we do have these hanging from trees here also. :-)

Anonymous said...

My feet squeek too! And there's a purple thing right outside my house. I thought it was a kite, but I guess its not... unless there's a serial kite in tree stringer that is attacking the DC area... maybe?

f.B said...

I don't know what that purple box is, but cranberry juice makes me congested. I've always imagined cranapple would do the same.

Mike said...

Vegetable oil on the floor will fix the squeaky feet. Don't forget to set up a video camera first so we can see how it works. HEAR how it works, HEAR!

Felisa said...

Are they squeaky because they're mildly moist or are they squeaky because they're a tad bit too dry?

Sometimes, my bones creak when I walk up the stairs...

LBluca77 said...

It's better that your feet squeak than smell.

lacochran said...

Matt: Mind control devices? If they can make me less judgy, I'm all for it.

Narm: Why... *blink* *blink* whatever do you mean?

Fearless in Toronto: Your eyes are fine. It's hard to see thanks to it being a cell phone camera picture from a moving car.

Little Ms Blogger: I like purple, too. And, you'd think so, but apparently I hang out with a classy crowd.

Liebchen: That was my first thought, too, but then I saw them in different locations.

Gilahi: If the cartoons are any indicator, they're having a good laugh over a hunk of cheese right about now.

jinxygrrl: A-ha! Finally, someone in the know. Thank you! And, bummer, so we're breathing in all this insecticide?

liferehab: Maybe we an form a band? See jinxygrrl's explanation.

f.B: Note to self: Do not serve f.B cran anything.

Mike: A-hahahahahaha. Ha.


Felisa: Interesting question. It doesn't seem to matter what state they're in, they still squeak. Creaking? You'll make a nice counterpoint in liferehab's and my band.

LBluca77: Oh, absolutely! :)

Cyndy said...

That first photo reminds me of the time I bought some yellow pee.

repliderium.com said...

bags of drying body parts. They put 'em high to keep the bears out?????

lacochran said...

Cyndy: I remember your yellow pee!

repliderium.com: Let's hope not.