10 June 2009

"You know I dont believe you when you say that you dont need me" --Human League

It is a crazy busy Wednesday (5 meetings!) so no time to be creative. Instead, I have shamelessly stolen this from Leftbrainwrite. We've all been there.

Well, okay, maybe not all of us. I'll admit to receiving a rejection letter or twelve. You?


Barbara said...

If only we were all so daring and creative! (Writing my letters in my head as I speak...)

Happy Wednesday. May it be a day of ACCEPTANCE!

LBluca77 said...

5 meetings means you are going to getting a lot of doodling done and go thru at least 2 pens.

f.B said...

5 meetings? What do you do in the 4th of 5 meetings?

also, WV: zingers

Mike said...

Theft of other peoples stuff is how I stay in the blogging business.

G said...

I am about 30 pages into the writing of my story and because I could not tolerate its rejection, I plan to have the finished product available to other's eyes postmortem. Kinda creepy, I know.

lacochran said...

Barbara: I can accept that.

LBluca77: At least.

f.B: Watch my brain dribble out my ear.

Mike: You're my role model. But you knew that.

G: Certainly dramatic.