15 June 2009

"Gonna find out what it is all about..." --Eric Clapton

Wedged between the happy hour Friday night at The Reef (thanks, LiLu!) which turned into a happy five hour, and dinner and a movie Sunday night (decadently good food at 219 followed by The Pursuit of Happyness on the sofa*), we manage to get a lot done.**

We ran errands and painted a variety of things that needed painting and installed a rheostat (I held the flashlight***) and pulled weeds and trimmed bushes and bought birthday gifts and blahblahblah. And in the middle of all this, we saw Eric Clapton and Steve Windwood in concert Saturday night.****

Now, I could tell you about them. I could wax on about their musical genius or their impressive catalog (together and separately.) Much like Gilahi, I was impressed with their graciousness with each other. Aside from one song, they shared the stage all night and shared the music all night and it was amazing. But what could I tell you about these legends that you don't already know? On the way out, I heard one of the masses, in a stunned voice, saying, "Great is great. Great is great. Great is great." and that pretty much sums it up.

Instead, I'll talk about something really minor that has nothing to do with the show, and didn't detract from the show, but did happen at the show. There were guys to either side of us and these guys insisted on sitting with their knees splayed so wide you'd think they were Olympic gymnasts practicing their splits.*****

I get that sometimes a person's weight limits their viable choices but the guy next to me was thin. He didn't actually bump his knee into me, but only because I worked to avoid him. The chick he was with was equally crowded. And this was in no way a come on/sleazy brush thing. So, help me out. What is this sitting with a knee in each county thing about?******


** If you are one of the six people that hasn't seen The Pursuit of Happyness, go see it. Right now. You won't be sorry. Will Smith is brilliant in it and the story line will put the fact that they failed to put cinnamon on your latte in perspective. Go!

*** Said to the cadence of "I carried a watermelon."

**** Because if I didn't add "in concert" you'd think we ran into them in the paint aisle at Lowe's, which is ridiculous. Everyone knows they're more Ace Hardware kind of guys.

***** Can I just interject how much I hated gymnastics in P.E.? Were they trying to kill us?!

****** And please don't try to tell me it needs breathing room.


Malnurtured Snay said...

But sometimes they do need breathing room.

Liebchen said...

I hate when people sit like that. It's worse than battling for the armrest.

Barbara said...

It's almost worse when you are 4 people sitting at a tiny table more appropriate for 1 and one person is over 6 feet tall. At least if you are among friends, you don't mind your knees getting tangled up with those on either side.

But the idea of dealing with a stranger's knee is somewhat repulsive. This guy if sitting in the middle seat on a plane would probably also assume both arm rests were his.

Some people just don't understand the need to negotiate and compromise on limited space.

Matt said...

I havent seen the pursuit of happyness.

I promise to work on that!

f.B said...

Liebchen is so right: it's worse than arm-battling.

I'm not a big fan of space-invaders. Get it? Space, invaders? Eh?

LiLu said...

I have to say, Will Smith is kind of blowing my mind with his movie choices lately. I was talking to Gilahi about how great Hancock (surprisingly) was... I'll definitely give P of H a try. *leans on your armrest*

Alex said...

That splayed-leg thing is particularly annoying when you're sitting next to a leg-splayer in cattle clas on a long flight.

As a guy, I don't get it either. The only possible excuse is sometimes if you're tall you may feel you need to do that in order to avoid hitting the seat in front of you with your knees (and if someone reclines back far enough on a plane that I feel I'd have to do something like that, I just jam my knees into their back!)

Mike said...

There you go using pictures of me again. I'm glad you used that one. The one taken a few seconds later was not pretty.

Felisa said...

I don't even have balls but looking at that picture makes my hypothetical balls hurt.

My dad sits like that and it pisses me off, I want to duck tape his legs together in his sleep to give him a hint.

lacochran said...

Malnurtured Snay: "I *asked* you not to tell me that." --Maxwell Smart

Liebchen: Agreed.

Barbara: If they're over 6' I can begin to understand it. The guy next to me was about 5'8".

Matt: Go!

f.B: Clever, you are.

LiLu: Hey! Watch it. *pushes elbow onto armrest*

Alex: Agreed. The guy next to me was short. "I just jam my knees into their back!" Well, sure!

Mike: You do look a little miffed, there.

Felisa: Just in time for Father's Day! :)

Malnurtured Snay said...

And guess who is doing a signing at the Bookstore next Tuesday ... ? (Hint: he wrote Pursuit of Happyness ... the book).