12 June 2009

"Soylent green is people!"

Why is it that a can of congealed re-fried beans looks and smells suspiciously like a can of dog food?

Maybe it's the way the bean mixture takes the shape of the can (every bit as much as cranberry sauce). Maybe it's the range of colors and textures within the can-shaped mass. (Note: the picture above is a stock Interwebs photo. I'm so sorry I didn't photograph last night's can o' beans because it was much more varied in color and texture within the can-shaped mass than this. I feel like I have failed you. If only there was some way to make it up to you. Hm... Would you like it if I--hey, there's no reason to get huffy. Dang it! That last time was not my fault. Who knew you had an emu allergy? By the way, I think you hurt it's feelings.)

And why does dog food not smell as bad as cat food?

These are the questions that try my soul.

I'lltellyawhut, though, those beans sure do taste good once they're heated and stirred. Then, they resemble the dog food once the dog is done with it.


Kate said...

I love beans.

That is all.

Alex said...

this is one reason I prefer my beans un-refried. :)

And I think cat food is stinky because cats love stinkiness... I think the manufacturers add extra stench... I hate scooping out wet cat food even more than I hate cleaning the litter box.

Gilahi said...

There's actually a very good reason that cat food smells stronger than dog food. A cat's sense of smell is not as keen as a dog's, and if they didn't stink it up to attract the cats, they'd never eat it. Even cat treats and dry cat food are more stinky than their canine-targeted counterparts.

Herb of DC said...

Well than home come my dog's breath is so bad yet my cat's breath is minty fresh?

Oh wait what was this about? I need to go back to lurkdom.

Lora said...

I LOVE beans. And I hate when pet food smells good because it reminds me of the old lady who used to buy Alpo at Rite Aid and would eat it with a fork in the parking lot. It did smell delish. And she was only marginally crazy.

I think pet food smells bad so we don't eat it. that, and I think that animals love half rotten food so much that the food people caught on to the fact that pets will eat stink faster than not-stink and people will buy what their pet eats fast.

I made a giant pan of nachos on Monday, and spread refrieds all over the bottom of the baking sheet before loading up the regular stuff on top and tossing it in the oven. It was seriously the best idea I've had in a long time.

repliderium.com said...

I gotta admit... there are times my spoiled rotten canine eats better than I do!

Barbara said...

Add a little guacamole, some sour cream, and hot sauce to just about anything and it would taste good. It is a good thing refried beans taste much better than they look...

Felisa said...

Who ever thought congealed gunk can taste so good?

Mike said...

Looks more like soylent brown.

fiona said...

*farts* Beans 'ill do that to yah!

f.B said...

because dog food is delicious, but if we could tell it apart from human food, we'd get all uppity and refuse to taste it.

G said...

Beans IS stupid.

lacochran said...

Kate: What's not to love?

Alex: Perhaps they should market it that way... "Now, with extra stench!"

Gilahi: Huh. The cat always came running to mooch no matter what I was eating. Stinky or not.

Herb of DC: Maybe it has something to do with all that mouth-breathing?

Lora: Sounds fantastic! And crazy is a relative term.

repliderium.com: If you ask nicely, maybe the canine will share.

Barbara: It IS!

Felisa: EXACTLY.

Mike: Quick. That's what you are.

fiona: To all of us, I'm afraid.

f.B: I had no idea.

G: I didn't measure their IQ.