08 June 2009

"It doesn't matter what you had for lunch just eat it" --Weird Al Yankovic

Despite my whining* about one of the guests at Saturday's party, there was at least one person there who was nothing short of genius. I mean it. Effing genius! And I never found out who it was. But I observed and consumed the evidence of their genius: Mac & Cheese... wait for it... and CORN!

That's right. Sweet corn mixed into macaroni and cheese. What could be better than that?

Okay, maybe if it was somehow served on toothpicks shaped like tiny swords, that would be better. But just barely.

We're talking a menage a comfort. The trifecta of yummy indulgence. The cornucopia of exquisiteness.** Noodles, cheese and corn! OMG! Am I the last to know of this indescribably delicious food?!

If you have a recipe, don't give it to me. You'll never see me again for I shall make it and eat nothing else until I explode! Waterboard me? Sure. But give me this stuff and I'll spill.

Which brings us to the question of the day: Do you eat things at parties that you don't eat at home?

* I go with my strengths.

** Too corny? No such thing!


f.B said...

Strange face. I eat strange face. Unwelcome PDA ftw!

charlotteharris said...

No, but I do have a recipe I only MAKE if I am going to a party. It's a nasty (but so yummy) dip that's made with canned clams and Ritz ccrackers (two things I wouldn't eat otherwise) and a lot of butter. I bet you'd find it ranks with corny mac n cheez!

Lora said...

I had this recently too! It was incredible. I even tossed some corn into my Kraft a few weeks ago. Phenomenal. It's totally replaced my previous recipe of broccoli+Kraft, which replaced hotdogs+Kraft.

Have you ever had the DelMonte Summer Corn? It's the best out there.

I'm obsessed with corn.

I eat just about anything at parties, because I try to be healthy most of the time at home.

I will eat your veggie/spinach/crab/whatever dip with a fork like it's casserole if you turn your back on it.

Liebchen said...

I definitely eat things at parties that I wouldn't normally have. Partly because of the whole "try to eat healthy" thing. But mostly because I'm poor, and my pantry mostly consists of pasta. So I'm always looking to branch out.

Matt said...

"What could be better than that?"

Mac & Cheese with hot dogs.

repliderium.com said...

Mac & cheese with caramelized onions is what I would murder for!!!! As for eating at parties- I will eat almost anything, almost anytime. Party or no party!

Reya Mellicker said...

That does sound delicious. Yum!

Barbara said...

Absolutely, I eat everything I am offered. Except I did refuse whipped cream on my mud pie Saturday night. There are no rules when I am eating out. Everything is fair game!

justjp said...

That actually sounds like something I want to try!

Kate said...

I'm totally making that. And it's this very reason why I put velveeta cheese and frozen peas in my ramen that I make like noodles and not like soup. It's like everything good all at once.

Mike said...

Chips and dip. I never keep anything like that around the house but can't stop eating it at a party.

Linda said...

Now was this HOMEMADE mac-n-cheese? with buttered breadcrumbs? Sounds delish. I had a very rich (to waistline and wallet) M&C with lobster. Yum-yum-yum... I imagine one with corn and lump crabmeat and, I'm weak in the knees.

Party food? I eat everything, usually because I'm uncomfortable and/or have had too many beers and don't care. But my pref is for salty things like cheese doddles and full-fat nacho chips.

Love your blog, btw.

Gotta eat some breakfast... Peace, Linda

lacochran said...

f.B: I've seen your girlfriend. I think "strange" is harsh.

charlotteharris: I think I've had that dip. Sour cream or mayo, or both, too?

Lora: You're my kind of party guest! And thanks for the tip on Del Monte. I, too, have an unabashed love of all things corn.

Liebchen: So this is really balancing your diet. Yeah, let's go with that.

Matt: According to Lora, you're a few iterations behind. No worries, you'll catch up.

repliderium.com: OOOooo, that sounds really good, too. Yum!

Reya Mellicker: Oh, it is! It is!

Barbara: No snow on your mud?

justjp: Do it. You'll want a cigarette afterwards.

Kate: We must embrace the good. And let it embrace us. It's embracing my thighs lately.

Mike: Oh yeah! I'm forever chipping and dipping at parties. Gives me something to do while I chat.

Linda: It was homemade but no breadcrumbs. Although, that could certainly work, too! Lobster! WOW! And, oh, yeah, crab and corn are classic combos. I like the way you think. And, thanks--right back atcha!

Matt said...

It takes me a while to catch on... obviously.

lacochran said...

Matt: True connoisseurs don't rush. Enjoy!

f.B said...

haha. oh, man. you win. i can't even pretend to be absurd.

Felisa said...

Mind blowing! And I thought it wasn't possible to make mac and cheese better!!!

Okay, I lied. Mac and cheese + chunks of ham = HEAVEN.

Erin said...

Far be it from me to take credit, but I believe that I am the true inventor of this dish.

Back in 1992 at the University of Michigan I created a dish called "Ramen Corn Jubilee." It was made of chicken Ramen + a can of corn. The jubilee part came when you ate it - it was a party in your mouth.

This mac & cheese with corn is obviously a derivative of my original creation.

You're welcome.


lacochran said...

f.B: Forgive me, it was too easy.

Felisa: Never tried it but you sound convincing.

Erin: THANK YOU!!! You should be getting royalty checks!