30 March 2009

"I can't make you love me, if you don't" --Bonnie Raitt

Wide swings in food this past weekend... We are at the Wine Kitchen in Leesburg Saturday for lunch, Krispy Kreme for a Saturday night get-together, and at a restaurant in Columbia, which I won't name, for a Sunday lunch meet up. The company is exceptional for all of these but, despite Krispy Kreme surpassing my expectations*, the gustatory honors have to go to the Wine Kitchen. Excellent yet simple food with marvelous, reasonably priced wine options (a variety of flights to choose from! what fun!) and great service. Who could ask for more? H/t to Dezel for pointing us to this place.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, we meet up with friends at a buffet that has quite tasty food but the service is a little, um, strange. As we are finishing dessert:

Waiter: How did you like the buffet?
Several of us: Wonderful! Tasty!
Waiter to Hubby: What did you like on the buffet?
Hubby: I liked the channa masala!
Waiter: That's all? What else?
Hubby: *blink* Well, no, that's not all, but channa masala is my favorite.
Waiter: Yes, okay, you liked the channa masala. But what else did you like?
Hubby: Er...
The rest of us: It was all quite good.
Waiter, looking displeased at the two,of four, uneaten dosas sitting on the table (These were brought, unrequested, to us): These are dosas.
Friend: Yes, we just couldn't finish them.
Waiter: *offers explanation of what region dosas come from and then looks at us expectantly*
*we look at him and each other*
Friend's mate to Friend: You didn't want to take them home, did you?
Friend: No...
Waiter: ...
Friend, looking desperate: I ate one!

What the hell? Why are we explaining ourselves to the waiter!? We didn't order the grill!

* I am a Dunkin Donuts snob, born and bred, and have always proudly worn the DD mantel of splediciousness (sometimes quite obviously around the hip and tush area) but I have to admit that lemon-filled Krispy Kreme was quite yummy! Thanks, Tewkesbury, for pushing my culinary envelope.


Lemmonex said...

DD is where it is at. A donut is not a donut unless it comes in an orange and pink bag.

charlotteharris said...

I am at the Wine Kitchen in Leesburg almost every Friday for Happy Hour! It's getting to be an expensive habit... but we really do love the place!!

Next time you're in Leesburg, also checkout the Hamburg Doner aka Doner Bistro. Yum!

Mike said...

You've been running into some strange people lately.

repliderium.com said...

I love any restaurant that has multiple flights available....
Maybe your waiter was looking for a stadium style group "wave" or something???????

Liebchen said...

I, too, am a Dunkin' Donuts snob. Krispy Kreme just doesn't cut it.

Matt said...

I mean, it was a buffett right?

The point is to eat so much you cant finish everything you grab.

Kate said...

why didn't you just tell her it all sucked? I mean, seriously.

f.B said...

Maybe the waiter made them him/herself, having risked life and limb to hand-pick the ingredients.

But even then...

urban bohemian said...

I may have to start a crusade against judgmental waitstaff. A friend and I were at CommonWealth in Columbia Heights recently, just meeting for a quick chat and meal. While there were many interesting dishes on the menu, my friend has recently become vegan, which really reduces the number of options people can share. Faced with, again fascinating, options that seemed too big or adventurous instead I ordered a burger. The waiter asked, "Really? ...ok."

I looked over at Kyle and said, "Did that waiter just judge us?" And we would have thought nothing of it, until a couple sat down next to us, both ordering burgers and they got the same treatment. The four of us struck up a conversation about it and proceeded to give the waiter rather nasty looks for the rest of the meal.

I mean if you don't care for customers ordering such pedestrian options, take 'em off the menu!

jinxygrrl said...

Leesburg? Okay fine, but personally I'm partial to Ashburn...

Herb of DC said...

Oh I'm a Krispy Kreme boy especially when they are still hot!

LiLu said...

As a Massachusetts girl, where we literally give directions based on the Dunkin Donutses, I am so with you on that one.

And, um, apparently that waiter needs to take a page out of my book about "Reading People". "Chapter 2: How to NOT Make Your Table Feel Like Crap, Because Remember How You WANT Their Money?"

emma said...

Love the Boston airport primarily because of the plethora of Dunkin Donuts.

I hope you gave the waiter an "appropriate" tip for his intrusiveness.

j.m. tewkesbury said...

I'm glad the lemon-filled donut did not disappoint. It's one of my favorites!

Barbara said...

When I worked in India for a short while, I was addicted to masala dosas. I'm surprised you didn't gobble them up!

I have to stay away from those doughnuts, which always evoke memories of midnight trips in college to the Krispy Kreme place where they were always coming off the assembly line no matter what time of the day or night. I could eat many, many doughnets back then without a tinge of guilt.

fiona said...

I should not have read this at 8a.m.
Back soon...gone for doughnuts

GreenCanary said...

A waiter once brought me a strange dessert that I had not ordered. He was so pleased to have given it to me, that I felt pressured to eat it. The only problem was that it tasted like ass and I couldn't do it. So I did the only thing I could think of: I shoved the entire atrocity into a napkin and put it in my pocket. I threw the thing into a trash can once I left the restaurant.

lacochran said...

Lemmonex, Liebchen, Lilu: I hear ya. I've always found KK to be too sweet but with the lemon filling, the sweetness is offset some.

CharlotteHarris: Thanks for the tip!

Mike: "Lately"!?

Repliderium.com: I love the concept of the stadium wave! We should try that next time. :)

Matt: Heaven knows, we gave it our all.

Kate: I'm not sure he would have accepted that answer. We might have been pressed with even more questions.

f.B: He may well be a frustrated cook. But ready for Gordon Ramsey, he's not.

Urban Bohemian: Exactly!

Jinxygrrl: I've got nothing against Ashburn, just don't know it very well...

Herb of DC: The place is always busy so you are in good company.

Emma: Well, it was a buffet to begin with so there wasn't that much tip to start.

J.M.Tewkesbury: You are wise, indeed.

Barbara: These dosas were greasy enough that the one my friend ate she blotted. And blotted. And blotted. And blotted.

Fiona: KK or DD? :)

GreenCanary: Pocket full of ass-dessert? You are indeed gracious.