12 March 2009

"Said you expected me to follow you all over the world" --Marti Jones

Men? Generally speaking? Way different from women.* Years ago, I organized a holiday weekend ski trip for a dozen people. One of the guys brought this tiny satchel along for luggage. Not even backpack size. It was the size of a doctor's bag. I asked him what he had in there. He said a t-shirt and a clean pair of underwear. That was it. For the three day weekend. Klassy with a K, he was.

This, in no way resembles me. I would pack my entire closet if not for airline weight restrictions. Thus, I must choose. Call me Sophie. So, I LOATHE packing. I lovelovelove to travel and I love having the right things with me but I LOATHE packing. (That's right. All caps twice!) I do it at the absolute last possible moment. Pack my deodorant?! But I'll need it in the morning!

I know women who have duplicates of all their toiletries to make packing easier. I resist this, because, then, what excuse would I have for not packing early?

Add to this: I feel like I have to have every option available to me so everything has to be washed or dry cleaned, in case I might like to pack it.

Hubby: Is that an evening dress in the dry cleaning pile?

Me: *blink*

Hubby: We're going to the beach.

Me: Shh! I'm packing!

* Oh, please. You were bound to hear it eventually.


Liebchen said...

When I was a kid, going away to camp or something, I'd be packed nearly a week in advance. Now? I'm packing the day before - because what if I end up packing something I *need* to wear?

Narm said...

That guy sounds like a real pansy. Who needs an extra pair of underwear if you are only gone 3 days?

repliderium.com said...

I am the exception to the girl rule. I pack one crappy falling apart 50's style suitcase that it covered in stickers and makes me look about 12 years old. Doesn't matter where I'm going or for how long- if it doesn't fit- it doesn't go. (Hence the plethora of pics of me inappropriately dressed)

Matt said...

Changing underwear is optional when on vacation.

The Pumpernickel said...

When I was backpacking through Europe, I had a hairdryer and a flatiron straightener with me at all times. Enough said.

Jamie said...

I used to pack a lot of stuff. Back in the day, when checking a bag didn't mean subjecting yourself to the seventh plane of Chinese hell, I preferred the convenience of not carrying on luggage and so I brought whatever I felt like. You never know when you'll need an air compressor on your trip, after all.

These days you're lucky to make your plane even if you arrive two hours early, so checking bags is off the table. One small bag no matter how long the trip. I'll do laundry, buy clothes or just be stinky on the way home if that's what it comes down to. Yes, I am that guy on the plane.

Shannon said...

Jamie, that was YOU?

I don't get this whole idea of packing one pair of underwear for three days. It's vacation, aka, Commando Time!

f.B said...

I have OCD, well sort of. So I pack absurdly; as in...

Wait. My answer to this makes me sound prissy.

*reshuffles approach*

I go Commando, too.

Mike said...

I had a comment until I read Narm's. Now I have nothing more to say.

Kate said...

I've never been a heavy packer and these days, if I can't carry it on the plane, it doesn't come with me (business trips excluded). For weekend trips, I can fit everything I need into an L.L.Bean backpack and my purse.

Barbara said...

Every time I have haul a heavy suitcase on and off a train, I swear to do better the next time. But I always forget by the next time. But what if I really needed this???

LBluca77 said...

I don't mind packing it is the unpacking I hate. I will take out the dirty clothes but my suitcase end up sitting there with the clean clothes in it for like a week. Actually it is a good system cause I just take out the clean clothes when I want to wear them and eventually the suitcase is unpacked.

LiLu said...

I do the exact same thing as LBluca... when I get home, the unpacked suitcase becomes my makeshift second (third) closet for a couple weeks until I wear everything I can out of it. I'm all about the easy access... (that's what she said).

fiona said...

If I only have myself to pack for, I'm getting better...
Ti's when all 5 of us are going somewhere, then it's all about the stress meds.

lacochran said...

Liebchen, Barbara: ExACTly.

Narm: Your girlfriend must be a special woman.

Repliderium.com, Kate: If it works for you, enjoy!

Matt: I'm not going on vacation with you.

The Pumpernickel: My kinda gal!

Jamie: My air compressor! Thanks!

Shannon: I'm not so into the chafing.

f.B: Um, sure, we'll go with that answer. *rolls eyes*

Mike: Thanks for sharing you had nothing to share. :)

LBluca77, LiLu: Yeah, me, too. 'Cause unpacking? Not so fun either plus you have nothing to look forward to.

Fiona: Pass the stress meds! (And glad you're still speaking to me after yesterday. :))