24 March 2009

"Well I hope you understand I just had to go back to the island" --Leon Russell

[Sweet, no? They didn't throw poop at me or anything!]

We are back from the birthday extravaganza. Took a trip to Barbados, a lush island with gorgeous beaches!

We have now seen white-faced monkeys and howler monkeys in Costa Rica and green monkeys in Barbados. 'Cause monkeys? Way cool! Did you know the polio vaccine was created using green monkey kidney? No wonder they look so serious and move so quickly. Although these got within two feet of me. Maybe they figured with the rum punch emanating from my pores there was no way I was with the Salk people.

Aside from the monkeys, the spectacular beaches, and the rum (there are three different rum distilleries on Barbados and the Mount Gay Rum distillery dates back to the 1700s(!) and, YES, they give tours and tastings), there is also no shortage of fine food. If you think you might be heading to Barbados, I'd recommend making a reservation (well in advance) at The Cliff for dinner. Request a waterside table. The food, drink and service are impeccable and the view is spectacular! It is the perfect place to view a sunset and once it's dark you can see the rays and turtles gliding in the water by the light of the torches. Truly, a world class restaurant experience!

Classic moment at the resort pool...

A fat, ugly Brit in a Speedo lounging next to Hubby informed us that it was unusual for them to come to Barbados in March as this was high season for the Americans but they got such a good deal they couldn't resist. This was after he found out we were from DC. And they say we're rude! Ha!


Titania said...

eeek. Speedos should be illegal, even in Barbados. That Brit was wearing a speedo, that says it all. Nothing better can be expected.

Welcome back! missed your posts

Narm said...

Whats wrong with Speedos???

Titania said...

Too much information!! I want to see unknown men noses in their faces, nowhere else... But that's just me. Call me crazy

Kate said...

I see no reason to listen to anything a fat man in a speedo says.

Fearless in Toronto said...

Brits in Speedos. Such a stereotype, but it's always TRUE!

Welcome back to paradise!

fiona said...

Welcome home darlin!
So glad you had a great time.
I keep telling SB to ditch the speedos...apologies on behalf of all fat brits for wearing "those things" I think it's genetic...

restaurant refugee said...

Welcome home, glad you had a great time.

I am fairly certain that the Brits are the only ones who keep Speedo making those suits.

Gilahi said...

I wasn't going to post a comment here, but the word verification is "pants". Really. What else could I do? The vast majority of men should wear pants, not speedos.

LiLu said...


I think you know how I feel about this.

LBluca77 said...

Monkeys!! So cute. I loved seeing them in Costa Rica.

Eeeww speedos are so nasty. Why do men wear them? You should have pointed and laughed at him.

wc#3 said...

You know, I have heard from many a successful cad that Monkeys are better than Puppies for getting into a girl's pants... :D

Barbara said...

I could use a heavy dose of Barbados and quite a few rum punches right about now.

Kristin said...

Sigh. Glad you had a great trip!

Herb of DC said...

Welcome home! Sounds like you had a great trip!

Did you know that a pair of speedos on your head makes a great doo-rag?

repliderium.com said...

Love the pics- I have a small not so secret obsession with monkeys. As per the Brit in the speedo- was he that usual shade of British corpse blue/white?

lacochran said...

Titania: Sometimes the flabby/saggy women in their bikinis looked even worse than the men. We routinely elbowed each other and said "Oy!" Of course I'm now seven pounds up from one week away so who am I to talk? :)

Narm: Everything.

Titania: Not just you. Not crazy.

Kate: It's true. He demonstrated a severe lack of judgment. You know at some point he tried it on, looked in the mirror, and said, "Yeah! That looks good!"

Fearless in Toronto: There were many Speedos about but on all the wrong bodies.

Fiona: You must find it and burn it! Think of the children!

Restaurant Refugee: Honestly, what are they thinking?

Gilahi: I'd settle for short-style suits.

LiLu: We are kindred spirits in this arena. :)

LBluca77: It would have required looking at him again.

Wc#3: Haven't you always wanted a monkey?

Barbara: Do it! You won't regret it, I promise. ("If not now, when?")

Kristin: Thanks, Sweetie!

Herb of DC: Before you wear them or aft--never mind. I don't want to know.

Repliderium.com: He'd been there for nearly two weeks, so he was more a lovely shade of lobster.

Mike said...

The brits and their speedos's thinking they're cool along with the men dressing up as women thinking it's funny. NOT NOT