26 March 2009

Give it a rest

You know what you need?* Here's what you need: You need to take a break.

Geez, people. I take a week and a half off and what do I come back to? 350+ posts in my Reader.

Where was all this energy when I was home sick last Fall and looking for entertainment? Now, your blogmaniacs.

People, people, people. You are working too hard. Step away from the computer. Get some fresh air. Kiss a girl. Or a boy. Or a puppy. Whatever. But for the love of god, stop posting!

Or at least keep it short.

Or I may be forced to take actions into my own hands. *cue ominous music as cursor hovers about the Mark All As Read button*

* Don't you hate people that say "You know what you need?" I always want to respond with "Mm, some bad advice from you?"


Shannon said...

Nooo! At least, read about Amoeba Weenie.

Kate said...

I'm gonna keep writing. It keeps me sane and it makes YOU crazy. Just like everything else I do.

repliderium.com said...

It's your own fault- you forgot to post "Don't anyone do anything exciting while I'm gone"

f.B said...

I.. I can't help myself. I am shamed.

fiona said...

Delete me...at your peril! LOL

wc#3 said...

"Kiss a girl."

Last time I did that I got smacked... :p

Matt said...

I kissed a girl and I liked it!

Barbara said...

For God's sake, just cheat and read everyone's latest post. :)

Herb of DC said...

Go on...mark them read. It's very liberating sometimes.

lacochran said...

Shannon: Did! Thanks for pointing me to the gold!

Kate: How can you say that?! Was that you behind me in the airplane squealing and kicking my seat?

Repliderium.com: I knew I forgot something!

f.B: My job is done.

Fiona: Is there Scottish mafia?

Wc#3: Well, it depends WHERE you kiss her.

Matt: There ya go!

Barbara: Hey! You mean you don't read every single word I write? I'm... I'm... SO disillusioned!

Herb of DC: It's true. Thanks for the lack of guilt.

D.C. Confidential / Janet Kincaid said...

My blog entry today is short and sweet. I predict you'll be able to read it in 1.7 seconds or less.

Glad you're home. I missed your writing.

Just sayin'...

emma said...

I was having this exact same thought.
Please, people, stop being so damn productive!