04 April 2007

Outlaw Cops on the Highway

Okay, hear me out.

In theory we have cops on the highway to keep crazy people from killing us with their bad driving.

In reality, we see crazy people who do their best to kill us with their bad driving all the time. We never see a cop when we see these people.

We see cops, eventually, sitting by the side of the road, at the end of a 20 mile back up. Why is there a 20 mile back up? Because there's a cop sitting by the side of the road.

Take the cops off traffic duty and they'll get much more respect. Not to mention simply having more law enforcement where it's needed for more serious problems.

Take the cops off traffic duty and the traffic will flow. I've learned to avoid the crazies so far. I think I can continue to successfully do so without cop intervention.

Tangentially, when did cop cars start to look like Snoopy's doghouse in "A Charlie Brown Christmas" after he wins 1st place in the decorating contest? Now there are lights in the grill and lights in the window and lights on the roof and the tail-lights alternate with the turn lights and the whole car looks like it's doing the macarena. Bizarre.

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