04 April 2007

Check out Useless Information blog



you'll learn such things as:
-The longest one syllable word in the English language is "screeched."
-A straightened coat hangar is 44 inches long.
-September 20th is "Love your teeth day" in China.

If this is the kind of stuff that feeds your soul, have at it.


Funk N. Wagnall said...

OK, there's instantly a problem. There are at least two other one-syllable words that come to mind that are same length as "screeched": "strengths" and "stretched". There are probably others, and my suspicion is that there are probably longer one-syllable words. I'm thinking that the Useless Information blog has little in the way of credibility.

lacochran said...

Good point. Maybe it truly is living up to it's name, then. :)