19 April 2007

A Different Kind of Dancing in the Dark

So here's the thing about public bathrooms... I tend to flush with my foot (shoe-encased of course) and then as quickly as I can I turn around because, as we all know from all those nasty, scary 20/20 reports, a high-powered toilet, such as you find in public bathrooms, can send a mist quite a distance. So my public bathroom experiences tend to end pirouettically.

So here I am at EatBar, and I head to the Ladies Room. I enter a stall and while I am in there I hear someone else enter the bathroom and enter the only other stall. She uses the facilities, flushes, leaves the stall, I hear the water running at the sink and then I am plunged into darkness. I say "Hello?? Helllllllllllllooooooooooooooooo??" but she is gone. I wonder if the whole bar, nay, neighborhood has experienced a power outage. I fumble for my purse and find my Palm Pilot. I switch it on and with the light of it piloting my way (is that why they call them Pilots?) I complete my flush and pirouette and head to the sink. Again with the Pilot I see that the light switch is in the off position. I switch it on and curse the woman who just left. There were only two stalls and she had to pass the closed door of the one I was in to get to the one she was in. Surely she realized there was someone else in here. Oh hahahahaha. What a DEElightful joke.

Before I start to seethe I try to find another way to look at this. Maybe she didn't notice the closed door. Maybe she was just trying to save the restaurant or the planet some electricity.


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