17 April 2007

Deja Idol

While this season's AI crop is trying desperately to make an impression on the American conscience, Idol wannabes from seasons past are all over the airwaves. Oh sure, idol winners like Kelly and Carrie are out there but I'm talking about the runners up. In the last week I heard a track from Elliot Yamin's new album on the radio, saw a Katherine McPhee video on VH1 and get this... Bucky Covington has an album getting airtime, forgawdssake. Bucky. Yeeeeeech. Of course, Chris Daughtry's album is killing, and Kelly Pickler is clawing her way up the country charts. So I'm thinking two things:

Where is Reuben? Where is Bo? Where is Taylor? => Is it better to win or just make the top ten?

And...despite the predictions that AI is in decline due to the Sanjaya phenomenon, I'm thinking it's just the opposite. "Any publicity is good publicity" wins again.

Week after week, I think: this season's people have no personality, no stage presence. Week after week, I watch. I think it must be a hypnotizing trick of CocaCola's.

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