04 April 2007

Banning Smoking in Restaurants

Apparently the Governor of Virginia is arguing, or has just argued, for a smoking ban in restaurants in the state. DC and Maryland have already decided for this. In fact, there are something like 21 states that have passed a ban for restaurants.

I don't smoke. I don't like to be around smoke. However, I have loved ones and friends that do smoke. Even though I wish they wouldn't smoke--for their sakes--I support their right to do so.

If it were up to me, I'd support a different kind of proposal: why not give the restaurant or bar, for that matter, the right to choose whether they will be a smoking establishment or a non-smoking establishment? This way, people could choose where to go, what kind of establishment they wish to support, whether they want to work around second-hand smoke, and so on.

What's wrong with choice?


Miles said...

lacochran, bars and restaurants DO have that choice now, and while a good number of restaurants have gone smokefree, zero bars are smokefree. If even, say, a third of Arlington's bars were smokefree already, I wouldn't push for a ban. But if the market won't act, government has to step in.

lacochran said...

Interesting data. I didn't realize it was that far gone. I guess bars don't believe non-smoking bars are profitable. Wonder why. Thanks for your feedback.