24 April 2007

New Additions for My Resume (Me writer! Me write good!)

I am now a food critic and a travel reviewer. Before you get too impressed I should say that I have gotten paid for neither of these activities (unless you count a free mousepad and magnet for signing up to be a critic). I don't have a "bi-line". But, yes, I have successfully published a restaurant review on the Washington City Paper site and I've posted hotel/travel reviews on TripAdvisor.com and WhereToStay.com. So not only can I pat myself on the back in a very 'vanity press' sort of way for this blog, but now I have contributed to other blogs/sites for all to see.

I gotta tell ya, I read other people's reviews now. ESPECIALLY for travel. Better the devil you know. Not that I don't take them with a grain of salt. Some people would truly be miserable in paradise. Still, there's so much you can learn from people who have nothing to gain or lose from telling you their "truth". Often you get a very different story from what the establishment wants you to know.

La, la, la. Time to redo my resume? Maybe not.

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Dezel said...

Hello Friend,

Congrats on the writing assignment - I'm sure more will follow! Very nice : )