10 April 2007


If X Prize jazzed you, check out www.innocentive.com

"InnoCentive matches top scientists to relevant research and development challenges facing leading companies around the globe, for rewards up to $100,000 USD or more. "

Here's the game... a company can't figure out how to solve a problem but they know solving it is key. They submit the problem. InnoCentive matches problem poser with problem solver through a double blind process. If the company agrees that solution N actually solves the problem, solver N gets the reward. This is similar to other open source approaches to problem solving.

Here's the part I found particularly interesting. What they found when they did this was that in most cases the person who solved the problem was not in the field that the problem was coming from. I guess Einstein was right. Problems cannot be solved by the level of awareness that created them.

Gives me courage, too, when I'm in a room full of "experts" and nobody seems to be looking at things the way I am. Hm.

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