15 November 2006

The Transformation Network

Here's my idea for a satellite channel:

The Transformation Network. All success stories all the time. Nothing but inspiration for people who are looking to make a change in their lives. Lots of before and after shots, emotional turning points, and so on. Dramatic weight loss, kicking drug habits, rags to riches stories. Buy up "I Lost It", a show on dramatic weight loss, from Discovery Health Channel, "VH1 Behind the Music", which always features a comeback from a drug/alcohol problem, maybe a few inspiring biographies of famous/rich people who started with nothing from the Biography Channel or A&E. It's the infomercial style extended into a full-time format, with a wee bit less selling. Then, again, why not have sponsors like Jenny Craig and Carlton Sheets? And infomercials running in the off hours? This could be huge!

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