19 November 2006

PS3, Wii... Come on people, we're talking video games

Last Thursday I went out at lunch to run some errands. There on the sidewalk between the Bed, Bath & Beyond and Circuit City were a dozen expanded tents. I thought it was odd but went on my merry way to the next stop. Outside the Target, there were also a half-dozen tents up and a group of teenage guys hanging out.

I thought, "What is this? Some sort of protest?" Nothing so altruistic. Turns out they were camped out waiting for the $600-$700 Play Station 3. Couldn't wait until it hit. Had to line up to fork over their money.

Now the same thing is happening with Nintendo Wii, that runs at about half the price of PS3.

I don't get it. We're talking video games, right?! Granted, they have the potential to be a little more entertaining than a Cabbage Patch Doll or a Tickle Me Elmo come Christmas, but really, is it worth all this?! Why the fervor? This stuff is gonna be outdated in less than six months anyway. Tsk.

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Dezel said...


Sounds strange but supposedly the 1st one sold on Ebay went for like 9K, and people have been selling oodles on Ebay, CL, and other sites for 2K +. So if you are a tennager or young adult with little to do and time on your hand..camping out for 2 days to earn over $1000 is a breeze. I personally find it insane, but most of these people will make good profit, and get that same rush as the black friday crowd...for which I'm sure they will camp out again.

Happy Sipping!