13 November 2006

A new exhibition and an old favorite (Constable and La Tosca)

We got to the Constable exhibit at the East Wing of the National Gallery Sunday and I'm pleased to say that it was better than I anticipated. Constable was big on landscapes. Literally. 6 and 7 footers. He also made full-sized "sketches" in oil which look almost as good as the final product. It creates that fun game of "what's different from image A to image B", too. :)
We also got back to La Tosca by the Verizon Center for tapas. Yum. Consistently good food and nice vegetarian selections and excellent drink/wine choices. Prices are viable if not cheap. Service is leisurely. Only one proviso: we tried the Arlington branch of this place on a Saturday night and it was packed and louder than a roller derby. Avoid Saturday night unless you're into noise.

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