06 November 2006

Quiet Waters Park, Jalapenos & Faccia Luna

Saturday, we had the pleasure of meeting friends and walking around the Quiet Waters Dog Park in Annapolis. The park let us in, even without a dog, for the $5 admittance fee and it was a great time for a walk in the woods. The leaves are peaking. A blue heron flew across the lake and settled in for some fishing. I was beginning to wonder if this admittance fee was a Virginia thing but it looks like Maryland parks are now doing it, too.

Anyway, we went to nearby Jalapenos Spanish/Mexican Restaurant and it was quite good. You wouldn't know it for the strip mall facade but the inside of the restaurant is very pretty. The food and service and value were all excellent.

Sunday we got to Faccia Luna Trattoria in Alexandria in the midsts of errands needing to be run. The wood-oven pizza was excellent! The service and value were also very good. The noise level in the place was a bit much, though. They definitely need to work the accoustics!

Still, two yummy restaurants in one weekend. Who can complain?

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