21 November 2006

Murdock, OJ, Publicity: What was that all about?

So Murdock pulled OJ's book deal and interviews. They're his companies, he can. And with so many affiliates saying they wouldn't air it, it could be argued that the initial monetary gain wasn't quite there.

I wonder, though, was this all a publicity stunt from the beginning for Fox, etc. or were they really going to try to go through with it? You know how a restaurant experience is more memorable if something goes wrong and gets fixed than if it's just all pleasant to begin with? Was Murdock trying to be horrible just so he could correct? Or was he simply horrible? Or so out of touch with all his holdings that he didn't get what was going on?

Well money, publicity and more publicity, lack of common decency, negligence...whatever the reason all this went on as long as it did, I am thankful that it has now been stopped.

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