08 November 2006

2006 Election Results

A better woman wouldn't gloat about the 2006 election results, but that ain't me. :) I've never felt like my vote counted more!

It could barely have turned out better for the Democrats especially now that Montana has turned blue and Rumsfeld is quiting (!) and Hastert won't seek the House Republican Leader post come January and George is admitting to a "thumping".

Now if we can just figure out a way out of this senseless war... we've got to bring our brave military home!

It's a shame the country isn't yet open enough to vote for same-sex marriage, except in Arizona. But kudos to Arizona! I don't begin to understand why anyone would see this as a threat to their own marriage. I certainly don't see it that way to mine. Well, I've faith that in time it will shift. Like the civil rights movement before it, gay rights will take time.

Meanwhile, we will celebrate that the message to George and his administration was sent and received in 2006!

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