04 January 2010

"Let it grow, let it grow, let it blossom, let it flow" --Eric Clapton

In our house, the brightest, most cheerful room happens to be the laundry room. It is remarkably sunnier than the rest of the house.* So, it has become our conservatory, too.

Me: Come into the laundry room. It's gorgeous in here.

We stand, looking around at the variety of plants we have in the laundry room. I point to one that is tied multiple times to a stake to keep it from toppling over. It is taller than me.

Me: Look how happy that plant is!

Him: Oh, it's happy all right.

Me, observing how close it is to the ceiling: We'll have to buy a larger house for it.

Him, chuckling: We'll have to cut it back.

Me: Noooo! Look how happy it is!

Him: It'll be happier if we cut it back. If we cut it, it'll have two heads.

Me: Leave it to a man to think it'll be happier with two heads.

* Seriously, people remark.


froggy said...


We have a plant called The Damn Swan Plant. Some kind of plant that my grandmother had in a glass swan that, for some reason, was always referred to as the damn swan. I remember the original plant when I was four years old (49 years ago!!!). I have five separate pots of it around the house and all the ponder children have gotten it from time to time. You can't kill it.

Little Ms Blogger said...

For some reason, I have the stupid saying of "two heads are better than one" racing through my head.


Thanks a lot.

Mike said...

I think I remember a saying that went, 'It only has enough sap to run one head at a time'.

Hannah said...

Zing! LOL

Cyndy said...

My husband had some plants in the tall ceiling area of our addition. When we moved into our "temporary" quarters, the ceilings were too low to accomodate them so we gave a couple to the Mexican restaurant and the vet up the street. They are doing well in their new locations.

If you cut the tops off they will become wider, which is great if you have the room.

Janet M Kincaid said...

*snort* Hee hee.

I heart you two!

A said...

Hey, I am just thrilled that my amaryllis FINALLY bloomed. I am a plant GODDESS!

Eh, maybe not so much.

Liebchen said...

Those are the types of witty remarks that I would only ever think of way after the fact.

Nicely done.

The Maiden Metallurgist said...

We have all our plants concerntated in one room too, now that it's winter, it's the only one getting enough sunlight. It's like a green house in there. But none of my plants are of the two-headed variety...

Matt said...

Im jealous- just for the fact that I dont even have a laundry room.

LBluca77 said...

I will sent the dead plant that I have on my porch your way and maybe your sunny laundry room can bring it back to life.

Barbara said...

I wonder if pruning for a plant is like our getting our hair cut? I always cringe at the thought of cutting off a green healthy stem of anything although they say it's good for the plant (two heads are better than one! or something like that.)

Moooooog35 said...

I wouldn't be happier with two heads.

No one needs that much cardio.

Narm said...

I bet I know which head it will think with.

lacochran said...

froggy: Sounds like it could replace the Christmas fruitcake.

Little Ms Blogger: Tell that to a siamese twin.

Mike: Is that your motto?

Hannah: :)

Cyndy: Funny, I became wider without cutting my top off. $%#!ing holiday cookies.

Janet M. Kincaid: Right back atcha.

A: Amaryllis are amazing, right? Like something out of a science fiction movie!

Liebchen: Technically, you could blog it wittier. We'd never know.

The Maiden Metallurgist: Sounds mutant, right?

Matt: You can use ours if you don't mind watering the plants while you're in there.

LBluca77: No thanks. We can't even agree on the plants we have now.

Barbara: Seems cruel, right?

Moooooog35: But did you check with the missus?

Narm: :)

Maya said...

Hahahahahahahahaha, HA. *sigh*