13 September 2009

Voting on the important issues

[Click to enlarge photo.]

Up there... see it? Got a poll up on the right. Make your vote count!


Bowie Mike said...

I'm so embarrassed! They said they would never share that with anyone!

Reilly said...

ahahah, that made my evening.
thank you

12minds said...

From here on in, regardless of context, I'm going to ask people to refer to me as blogmuffin.

Also, eeeeeeee!

Titania said...

where did you get that? that was hilarious... I'm glad that being and evil alien still works as an excuse

Mike said...

How did I miss this post? Did you sneak it in with a back dated post? (You can do that you know)

lacochran said...

Bowie Mike: Oops! We won't tell anybody. Pinky swear.

Reilly: Happy to oblige.

12minds: eeeeeeee to you, blogmuffin.

Titania: It's amazing what the internet holds if you just ask the right question.

Mike: Didn't do that. (Yes, I know.) I may have said "Hey, Mike! Look over there!" while I was posting it.

Bradford Pearson said...

God that is fantastic.