16 September 2009

"Fa-fa-fa-fa-fashion" --David Bowie

Many years ago, I was on a business trip to Boston and had a little time on my hands before my conference started. So, I wandered around the streets looking at stuff. This was the era when women accessorized with a large scarf wrapped haphazardly around the neck. I passed a street vendor with some pretty scarf options and thought, why not have a souvenir of Boston? I picked out a nice black and white one. I loved it and wore it a lot.

That is, I loved it up until my sister saw it.

Sister, eyes growing wide: Oh my god! Are you wearing a keffiyeh?!
Me: ...what?
Sister, getting louder: You're wearing a keffiyeh!
Me: A what?
Sister: Don't you know what a keffiyeh is? That's what Yasser Arafat wears. Are you PLO now?!

Urg. I took it off and stuffed it in the closet and eventually gave it away. Because I wasn't trying to make a political statement, I just thought it was pretty. But Yasser? Not such a pretty fella.

Once you know something, you can't not know it. I couldn't see the scarf as pretty anymore.

[My sister may have yelled at Rachael Ray, too.]

This leads to the question du jour: Have you loved something until somebody told you something about it or just dissed it so incessantly that you couldn't love it anymore?*

* For the record, Narm, no matter how many times you tell me why Nickelback sucks, I still love them.**

** Has anybody else noticed that Daughtry and Nickelback are sounding suspiciously more and more alike? Check it.


justjp said...

She is the anti-christ!

Narm said...

I once loved something dearly and then learned to hate it when someone dissed it.

That thing was your blog.

It was dissed by Good Taste.

Nickelback? You are dead to me.

Liebchen said...

I had a red dress that I absolutely loved, but one of my best friends managed to convince me that I shouldn't wear that type of red with my coloring.

So I gave it away. Sad...

Brando said...

Unfortunately, I dont' think any of my friends are blunt enough with me to tell me when I'm wearing something awful looking!

As for the keffiyeh, my thoughts are always that anything can be offensive to anyone for any reason. So Arafat wore one--he also wore combat fatigues, so does that make anyone in combat fatigues all pro-PLO? He also had a scruffy beard too!

Bowie Mike said...

I once had a beautiful picture hanging on my wall of dogs playing billiards.

"No one could possibly love me and love Dogs Playing Poker," my future wife said.

"You don't understand," I said. "This is not Dogs Playing Poker. This is a derivative work that pokes fun at Dogs Playing Poker. This is Dogs Playing Billiards!"

I soon saw the errors of my ways.

Sean said...

Since you included her picture, I liked Rachael Ray until I actually watched one of her shows. Just awful. Um, what was your question again?

wv: reers (huh-huh)

BrazenBareToe said...

When I was young I used to love, love, love pork rinds thinking they were just puffy chips. Then I found out what they were, I can't bring myself to eat them anymore.

Mike said...
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Mike said...

(Typo fixed)

Depends on who doesn't like it and why. It could make me want to wear it more.

Wv1: petingr - What I'm doing for you to help you forget your lost scarf.

Wv2: tingsom - How a girl can make me feel.

Little Ms Blogger said...

As the youngest of 5, I can be a brat. If someone says they don't like something, I wear it whenever I know I'm going to see them.

Unless they don't like it because it doesn't look good on me, I don't really care.

Kate said...

Actually, I've dissed people -- two, to be exact -- for constantly dissing things I like to the extent that I just couldn't stand to be around them anymore. If you continually rag on my choice of footwear (I'm sorry I prefer sneakers to heels) or something equally dumb, it probably never made sense for us to be friends in the first place. Friends love you even if they don't always love your taste. :)

mylittlebecky said...

i think siblings always have to crap on anything you wear. bastards.

Cyndy said...

I almost bought one of those. I can't remember why I didn't. One thing you could do ia dye it some other color so that it would then be black and whatever color you dyed it. I've actually done that a few times with black and white prints and patterns. It's fun!

Anonymous said...

I would have taken the scarf. I love your taste. Next time you are thinking of throwing anything out, can you offer it to me first?

Barbara said...

Yeah, I loved my Mexican wedding dress with its lace and high neck until my husband told me he hated it. Unfortunately he told me before the wedding because I was dumb enough to give him a preview. I still have it in a plastic bag in the basement. It probably still has the faint remnant of a meatball stain from our reception.

omchelsea said...

legwarmers. Enough said.

Oliveira said...

I used to wear high-waist jeans in the 90s until my (then) boyfriend told me his fashionista friends laughed at me. Being insecure, I immediately went shopping and bought two pairs that were much less comfortable and made my kidneys freeze, but hey, they were fashionista-approved.

Nowadays I actually like low-cut jeans, but nowadays I live in a town where temperatures in winter are around -2, rather than -30.

Hannah said...

I'm a big fan of dairy but after reading some crazy member of PETA describe milk as "puss", I have to say I love it a little bit less.:P

repliderium.com said...

Daughtry & Nickelback are the same band- the evil war-lord just packages them differently to fool us.

f.B said...

i went through this phase of carrying a bandana in my back pocket when i'd travel with my guitar; so i could wipe it down after playing/sweating on it in the summer.

until a friend convinced me that it could be mistaken for gang colors/paraphernalia. that was enough.

lacochran said...

justjp: But a perky, giggly one.

Narm: If I had a nickel back for every time you've said that to me... (See what I did there?)

Liebchen: I've also given away things that weren't in my "palette" no matter how much I wanted to drape myself in them.

Brando: Wiki lists it as the "Palestinian national symbol and makes direct associations with Yasser and the PLO. So, that's hard to ignore.

Bowie Mike: She wasn't even going for it as hipster ironic? *shakes head*

Sean: I like some of her recipes but her giggling and her incessant need to say EVOO and then immediately explain what EVOO stands for and her cutesy words like "sammies" send me right up the wall! (Okay, maybe I've watched too much.)

BrazenBareToe: Same for me with cow's tongue.

Mike: You're getting tingsom from all the petingr? TMI.

Little Ms Blogger: You're a rebel, you are.

Kate: PF Flyers?

mylittlebecky: Think it's the rivalry thing?

Cyndy: You are way creative!

Anonymous: So sweet! You got it.

Barbara: So you showed it to him before the wedding, he told you he hated it, and you wore it anyway? Interesting relationship you have there.

omchelsea: We've all been there.

Oliveira: When it's down to -30, I don't care what anybody thinks of my fashion choices.

Hannah: Puss? Does that go for nursing mothers, too? Or just cows?

repliderium.com: Thank you! I was wondering if anyone had noticed that besides me!

f.B: I thought different colored bandanas in a particular back pocket related to whether you were a top or bottom, etc.... No? Hm.

Janet Kincaid said...

Fast Food Nation ruined me for cheeseburgers from fast food joints. I'm not regretting that one, though. A couple of weeks ago, someone dissed my sensible faux pearls. I haven't worn them since. (And that bums me out, because it was one of the few really feminine things I had and would wear.)

Maya said...

Yes, but I can't remember what.

Maya said...

@Janet: Sorry about that... We could get you something else femmy!