15 September 2009

"Hello? Is there anybody in there?" --Pink Floyd

So, how hard can it be to come up with a psychological profile? People do it all the time. And get rich! What say we give it a try. You can be my test group.

The "Hand Me That" Profile.

Instructions: Choose one and only one answer for each numbered item. Do not dwell. Pick the the letter that corresponds to the first answer that appeals to you.

A. Stapler
B. Scissors
C. White Out
D. Tuberculosis

A. Mixing Bowl
B. Pastry Cutter
C. To Go Menu
D. Tuberculosis

A. Trowel
B. Pick Axe
C. Lime
D. Tuberculosis

A. Clamp
B. Scalpel
C. Release form
D. Tuberculosis

Now, tally up your answers. If you answered mostly:

A: You are The Tinker Toy God. You are a creative person. Often you create something out of nothing... mountains out of molehills. Your need to create has gotten way out of hand. Let it go.

B: You are The Ripper. You believe the only way forward is by cutting through all that is extraneous. You feel stabby a lot of the time. Trust your instincts. The voices know best.

C: You are The Weasel. What are you hiding? You present one image to the world while maintaining a separate one in private. Eventually the truth will out. Leave the country.

D: You are The Average Joe. Being average isn't pretty. Consider mixing it up now and then. Try something new. And see a doctor.


Liebchen said...

So spot on it's uncanny...how did you know?

The Bug said...

I'm a weasel! It's so true! Thanks for the insight into my character...

Little Ms Blogger said...

I'm going with E, Better Than Average because it's my birthday week. :-)

Mike said...

Hey! Great minds! I posted that picture along with a few others a while back. That still cracks me up. Find X. Here it is right here you big dummy!

Kate said...

Woo hoo! I always knew I was a god. ;)

Narm said...

Single greatest test answer ever. I hope that student got credit for that answer. Even bonus points.

Titania said...

I am half ripper and half weasel. Yay. You are a genius.

f.B said...

Matter of fact... I feel a little stabby right now. Good thing I'm at work.

Hannah said...

I'm a Tinker but also a Ripper. So I'm crazy, but I'm also creative. Sweet!!

Tina said...

stabby - Yes yes yes!!!!

Alice said...

i answered one of each. apparently i am Complicated.

Kate said...

Ripper. Who woulda known.

Cyndy said...

I'm half Tinker and half Weasel. Hmmm...

Barbara said...

I'm not exactly sure how to "tally up my answers". but I think I'm a weasel with CACC, yes?

J.M. Tewkesbury said...

Wait. What are the questions? I can't pick from the choices if I don't know the question.


See? I'm no good at psychological profiles.

spleeness said...

Great. Apparently I have TB.

LiLu said...

No one's shocked that I'm a Ripper.

J... said...

I am totally a weasel but with ripper and tinker toy god tendencies. Heehee. That was fun...and just like all those quizzes on FaceBook! I don't know how you perfect strangers can "get me" so well!!!

lacochran said...

Liebchen: It's in the way you type.

The Bug: The Bug is actually a weasel. The truth will always out!!

Little Ms Blogger: Make it work for you as long as you can. :)

Mike: Glad it brought back fond memories of one of your favorite bloggers.

Kate: You are to me. :)

Narm: His logic is flawless and he showed his work!

Titania: Oh, yeah, I'm marketing this!

f.B: The best place to get in touch with your Ripper tendencies. :)

Hannah: A perfect blend!

Tina: Rippers rock!

Alice: But in a very endearing way.

Kate: :) Rip away, my friend.

Cyndy: An intriguing combination. Go with it.

Barbara: Yes, you have found your inner Weasel. Congrats! Now, get out!

J.M. Tewkesbury: You want questions, too? That'll have to be in the deluxe edition.

spleeness: Ha! I mean, gosh, I hope not.

LiLu: We'll call you Jack. Looks like we're heavy on the Rippers here.

J: We're tracking you through Google. Oops, forget I said that.