24 August 2009

"Nothing compares to you" --Sinead O'Connor

Bobby: Mom, can I eat something else?

Mom: You begged me for the cornflakes with the tiger on it, remember?

Bobby: Yeah, but these taste funny.

Mom: I can't be throwing food out all the time, Bobby.

Bobby: *pouting*

Mom: Well, luckily these were on sale. Fine. Pour that out. I got you the kind with the toucan on it, too...


Angela said...

Like kids don't know the difference between Toucan Sam, Tony the Tiger, and their dopplegangers!

Little Ms Blogger said...

Skip the cereal and just put out a bowl of sugar....

Hannah said...

Thought you might enjoy this:


Cyndy said...

At least it was only cereal. My mother, in one of her vain attempts to turn me into a girly girl, bought me a cheap fake Barbie from Hasbro or something, with the hope that I would start playing Barbies with all the other girls. Then she got my brother a genuine GI Joe. Lucky him, poor me. So I felt all ungrateful and bitter and cynical for a while and then went back to my mostly peaceful life of reading books and climbing trees. Fake Barbie was sent on a few parachuting missions in her ugly dress(I made her a parachute, but I wouldn't stoop to making clothes for her), but then one day she landed in the creek and was never heard from again.

LiLu said...

Poor kid. He was just trying to follow his nose.


Bilbo said...

My father always said he wanted to buy us the cereal that was always on sale: "Sawsey Dusty's", but that Mom wouldn't let him.

Sean said...

As someone who had Apple Jacks for breakfast this morning, I'm offended by the characters on these cereal boxes!

Mike said...

Store brands - just like the original only cheaper! NOT!

Kate said...

I'm with Bobby ... sometimes the name brand really does taste better (much to my mother's chagrin when I was growing up).

Bowie Mike said...

What's next? Wheat Flakes with a Michael Phelps look-a-like on the box?

Lora said...

there are a handful of things that can't be bought generic. cereal walks a fine line.

Heinz Ketchup
Hellmans (or Blue Ribbon)Mayo
Kleenex or Puffs
and DelMonte corn

are my branded standbys

Jamie said...

I'll try the store brand of anything once. Safeway brand bran flakes are indistinguishable from their more-expensive Post variety. 80% of the time the store brand is as good. I'm a pretty picky eater too, I pay ridiculous amounts of money for reggiano and prosciutto and stuff that can be had for a fraction of its cost in some lesser form. I just think that some stuff, like cranberry juice and bran flakes and tomato soup, there's not much difference. I even prefer store brands for some things. The Giant mac-n-cheese is spot on.

But when it comes to kids, I doubt that there's a lot you can do to convince them of that when they're staring bizarro-Tony-the-Tiger in the face.

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! That is awesome. I was wondering when the bag cereal would make an appearence.

Barbara said...

The people making cereal are making a fortune. They have figured out how to increase the size of the box while decreasing the weight of the cereal.

Have you ever tasted the healthy sugar-free cereal? It tastes just like cardboard. Yeah, real fiber!

Anonymous said...

I am the self-appointed champion of MEDIOCRITY....therefore, I will be the judge.

Yeah, they're mediocre!

mylittlebecky said...

he should thank his lucky stars! i had to go over to friend's houses to get the good stuff.

f.B said...

they did taste different. they did. the brand name tasted cooler.

Jill Pilgrim said...

Damn generics!! With their tricky advertising! YOU'RE NOT TOUCAN SAM, BITCH!

lacochran said...

Angela: They know better than the adults!

Little Ms Blogger: Mmmm, sugar.

Hannah: Ha! Great share. Thanks!

Cyndy: Wasn't Fake Barbie's life the plot of a Lifetime movie? (Love the image of you dropping her and her tiny parachute.)

LiLu: It always knows.

Bilbo: Made from genuine sawdust? At least it's high in fiber.

Sean: *I'm* offended and I had no cereal this morning.

Mike: So NOT!

Kate: In some things, it's definitely true.

Bowie Mike: Amazing gall in the knockoffishness, no?

Lora: I have a longer list than yours but I will definitely go generic on some things.

Jamie: I've tried store brand cranberry juice and it's not the same as Ocean Spray. Maybe if I'd tried it first...

justjp: Cheap knockoffs abound.

Barbara: I'm in Product 19 (with raisins on top), myself.

kansasmediocrity: Thanks for your ruling.

mylittlebecky: Lucky stars? You mean the orange stars in Lucky Charms?

f.B: Oh, definitely cooler.

Jill Pilgrim: YEAH!