02 August 2009

Assorted Flotsom

[It's like pocket lint--if I don't put it somewhere it builds up.]

Does Wendy Williams seem like a female impersonator to anyone but me? Even with the double Ds. Maybe especially with the double Ds.

The Vagisil commercials say if you have vaginal itching or burning, then you should get Vagisil. I think, if you have vaginal itching or burning, there is something way wrong and what you should get is an appointment with a doctor, fergawdssake.

Saw the following bumper sticker, liked it: Wag more, bark less.

If all the food we eat is in a state of decay, would we be healthier being parasites? Just chomp down on the apple while it's still on the tree? Note: This is not an invitation to send me video of people eating live fish/animals/Ozzy biting the head off a bat. Mike, I'm looking at you.

Speaking of attacking living things, aren't we just being cruel to bonsai trees by stunting them every time they try to grow?

LA's first rule of painting: Painting a room will seem like a brilliant idea until we are 5 minutes into it. LA's second rule of painting: During any painting session, I will put my foot on top of the upturned paint lid or into the rolling pan of paint at least once.

And finally...

How many coupons can Bed, Bath and Beyond send me in a week? 2,103 apparently.


Kate said...

And did you know that the sky really isn't blue? It's a reflection or something? Hrmph.

Herb of DC said...

Apparently Wendy Williams received a coupon from Bed, Breasts and Beyond.

The Bug said...

I just threw away one of those (not the one with breasts) - but I'm keeping the one for 20% off of my WHOLE order - that sucker's worth something!

P.S. I really love Pearls Before Swine - I read it every day. Yesterday's was particularly hilarious - the Pink Avengers!

Mike said...

You should have numbered these.
1. FI's creep me out. If you suspicious, close enough for me.
2. Yeah but the smell is a good warning for guys.
3. I knew my monkey underware was better than normal.
4. I think I'll go outside a wag it a little.
5. WHAT?!
6. Yes we are.
7. Had a guy paint my living room ceiling. He used a roller and a 6x12 drop cloth, didn't move any furniture, and when he was done there wasn't a drop of paint on anything including the drop cloth.
8. 0 - they come to the other member of the household and I don't keep track.

Ibid said...

I haven't seen Wendy W-Cups' show yet and have no intention of doing so. Before the first episode aired I saw the ads for it on area buses and I already found her grating and annoying.

Tina said...

you paint? when are you coming to visit?

Lora said...

so, yesterday we were driving and dave asked me if it was weird that he thought wendy was attractive.

i didn't even know she was actually a woman until she got this new show. hand to god, i thought she was a drag queen and never thought twice to question it

Kate said...

I so agree on your points about painting and BB&B.

I had to Google Wendy Williams to figure out who she was, but now, having seen her, I also agree she seems like an impersonator. Especially with the double D's.

LiLu said...

Hmmm... we had decided to paint our new place...

*seriously rethinks the wisdom of that*

Little Ms Blogger said...

Don't dis BB&Beyond...I have some from 2007 and they still take them...

I feel your pain about painting. Luckily I'm much slower and messier than hubby and he takes over. Apparently, I slow down the process.

urban bohemian said...

I haven't seen this Williams show, but I thought Wendy Williams was the name of a porn star. Still, everyone that talks of the show says the same thing: they wonder if she's a drag queen.

Alice said...

who is this large-bosomed wendy williams?? is she related to the tennis williams sisters?

aww. i feel bad for bonsai trees, now.

f.B said...

Wendy is such a dude. Every time I see her, I check for the adam's apple.

Reya Mellicker said...

I don't know who Wendy is. Some TV person?

I like the wag more, bark less bumper sticker. I see a few of them on the Hill. Sweet.

Yes it's cruel to bonsai plants, except that plants have different ethics so it probably doesn't seem cruel to them.


Barbara said...

Did you know that BB&B coupons never expire and you can use more than one at a time? My moving gift to Rhinestone Cowgirl (does anyone remember this wonderful Blogger?) was a stack of BB&B coupons.

What I hate most about painting is the color never looks the same on the wall as it does on the paint swatch. The question is always whether to finish the room and just accept the fact that the color screams or go back to the paint store and spend more $ to start all over again.

mylittlebecky said...

i want that bumper sticker! but it'll probably just go in my bumper sticker scrapbook because, you know, my car.

ps i don't have a bumper sticker scrapbook.

Dmbosstone said...

omg ya, when I first moved here I was like Bed Bath and Beyond coupon? Yes! And I bought a couple of needed things. Now I get them all the time and I realized I fell into the marketing machine.

Bowie Mike said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bowie Mike said...

I took a staycation last week to work on home projects. I didn't have to worry about getting paint on the carpets because they were going to be replaced at the end of the week - and I got plenty of paint on the old carpets. I have to do some touch ups, and the new carpets are installed. Now I'm a nervous nelly with the paint. Is there a pill for that?

Cyndy said...

Speaking of parasites, the deer in my back yard DO chomp down on the apple while it's still on the tree!

Doesn't the bonsai thing come from the same culture as foot binding?

And going along with Mike's idea, I'm not installing the floors in any rooms that haven't been painted yet.

lacochran said...

Kate: That sucks.

Herb of DC: Maybe even 2,103.

The Bug: Oh, they're all worth something but how many do you really need simultaneously?

Mike: WHAT?!

Ibid: Agreed.

Tina: I'll paint yours if you paint mine.

Lora: Not sure what that says about Dave. Thanks for confirming.

Kate: Thanks for confirming.

LiLu: Oh, it's great when it's *done*.

Little Ms Blogger: Brilliant strategy!

urban bohemian: Thanks for confirming that it's not just me.

Alice: I'd be surprised if she was but anything's possible. She's a "personality".

f.B: Me, too!

Reya Mellicker: Yes, she is. Are you sure that's not a rationalization?

Barbara: Whether tis nobler to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous color?

mylittlebecky: A bumper sticker scrapbook makes more sense than a pet rock. Go with it!

Dmbosstone: ExACTly.

Bowie Mike: If there is, send one this way.

Cyndy: I'll bet those deer look vibrant!