18 February 2009

"Picture this, we were both butt naked" --Shaggy

So, naked sunbathing on the beach.*

I haven't engaged in naked sunbathing. I have skinny-dipped and that felt pretty good. That's pretty racy for me, your classic uptight American and a pretty dang private person, to boot.** Mind you, that was long before cell phones with cameras. And, let's face it, there's a significant difference between being naked in the water and lounging naked on a public beach.

Yes. There. Is.

Gotta admit... questions abound...

Have you sunbathed naked?*** Would you do it? Would you care if you were photographed/videotaped? Would you engage in conversation with strangers while you were doing it?

And why is it, generally speaking, that the people who are first to strip down at the beach are the ones we least want to see naked?

Bonus question: Have you ever seen any guy at the beach who looked good in a Speedo?

That's what I thought.

Extra special bonus scenario: You think your family Thanksgiving is uncomfortable? Imagine the scenario of someone at the table being featured prominently in a "Girls Gone Wild" video which other family members have viewed. Thanks for the awkward!

* I thought that would get your attention.

** You noticed my shyness on the blog, right? Really, it's a credit to you and how comfortable you make me feel that I can do this at all. Yeah, let's go with that.

*** No worries. I won't tell a soul.


PQ said...

The only way I'd sunbathe naked is in the comfort of my own backyard with some really really high fences.

Even then, it'd be more like "topless thong" sunbathing.

Narm said...

I spent most of my college years naked - so it doesn't really bother me much. There is definitely enough picture evidence floating around to keep me from running for office anytime soon, though.

LBluca77 said...

No man looks good in a speedo period. I have never sun bathed naked. I think I would be scared to get burned in certain places. Plus I am sure when you re apply sun block to those places you would get some stares.

Jamie said...

That picture is very disturbing. And speedos should be illegal.

I have never sunbathed naked, but I did participate in a Spencer Tunick photo shoot once.

LiLu said...

I sunbathed topless in Southern France... and it was all very nice until I saw a bucknaked gorgeous Italian girl full-on hug an older man and then call him, "Grampa!"

Fearless in Toronto said...

The sun and I...we are not friends. However, up until three days ago I had no window coverings and halogen lighting...does that count?

repliderium.com said...

I practically lived at the nude beach every summer that I lived in Vancouver. You forget about it in about 5 seconds. It wasn't a creepy poser beach with leering pervs with video cameras- more like naked hippies walking around selling things like cold beer and thai chicken wraps or hash brownies. (I'm serious)I loved that place.
@ Jamie- Speedos aren't illegal? WTF?

emma said...

I spent a lot of time topless on Greek beaches when I lived there, and barely clothed when living in Brazil, but naked? Never. And it's never been weird talking to folks on the beach. Unless they are American too. Then it's a nightmare.

I support the ban on Speedos.

fiona said...

I commented!
Where did I go?

Mike said...

This post is like a damn meme. One question after another. Which one to answer....... I know how about another question?

If a girl is wearing a thong, is she butt naked or not?

Mike said...

@Fiona - Down the Google hole. That's why if I do a long comment I copy it before hitting the publish button.

Kate said...

I would love to go to a nude beach. I love the freeing feeling of being naked, but only around people who feel the same way. Shame emmanates from people.

Matt said...

I like to party, so yeah... I would.

fiona said...

@Mike- Google has a hole?

All I was saying was I have done topless A LOT but still burn my nipples and that's when I'm sunbathing on my tummy!

lacochran said...

PQ, Matt: Thanks for weighing in.

Narm: I don't believe you. Please forward url.

LBluca77: Good point. I would think people would stare.

Jamie: Disturbing hungry or disturbing sexy? :) Oh, and I think your experience calls for a post!

LiLu: Ew.

Fearless in Toronto: Did you dash or laze about?

Repliderium.com: Huh!

Emma: We Americans have our issues.

Fiona: No idea! Glad you came back! And, OUCH!

Mike: Technically, yes.

Kate: Interesting.

f.B said...

normally, i'd just say "i don't have the balls for [something like this]." but here, that seems more self-deprecating than even i can handle

lacochran said...

f.B: Ha! :)

Titania said...

Hmmm, I have never sunbathed naked, but I did have sex with my ex-hubby (before we got married, after that we never did things like that again, go figure) once in the middle of the day in a beach, and once by a river. Now, both where kind of in the middle of nowhere so I *doubt* anybody saw anything, but who knows... We just had a thing for nature, I guess.

lacochran said...

Titania: Did you at least have a towel/blanket? The thought of sand where you don't want it... ugh.

Titania said...

Yes, we did have something, not quite sure I remember what it was, but there was something.