11 June 2007

Travel Tips

Travel Tips from the Washington Post:

Travel on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Friday-night departures and Sunday-night returns are the hardest options. Traveling midweek can improve your chances about 30 percent, according to experts.

Talk to a live person. Airline agents can sometimes figure out routings that the computer can’t detect. If they find you a match, you’ll have to pay the booking fee for ordering by phone — typically $15 to $30 a ticket — but that’s still better than no ticket.

Check your airline's partners. For example, miles on Delta can be cashed in for award tickets on any of its 19 partners, including Northwest, Continental and Air France.

It’s much harder to hit pay dirt if you search for multiple tickets on the same flight. Better to grab one or two seats and pay cash for the rest than get no free tickets at all.

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