21 June 2007

Movie Review: Proof

I caught a strange film on IFC ("home of the strange films" should be their tag line) by the name of Proof. This is the 1991 Australian film (not to be confused with a variety of other films by the same title, including a more recent one with Gwyneth Paltrow and Anthony Hopkins.)

This particular Proof stars Hugo Weaving, as Martin, a blind man that seeks proof that what he thinks is real is in fact real by taking pictures and having them described to him. This is an intriguing concept on the surface alone but the movie goes much deeper, getting to fundamental issues of trust, kindness, betrayal, power and truth through Martin's interactions with his housekeeper, Celia (played by Genevieve Picot), and his friend, Andy (played by a very young Russell Crowe). These three form an odd triangle as Celia obsessively pursues Martin in disturbing ways and Andy is drawn into an encounter with Celia.

I recommend this film, which often reads like a play. It's well crafted, well delivered and thought provoking.

I give it 3 Jujubees out of 4.

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