08 June 2007

Movie Review: Music and Lyrics

What can I say? The movies on Pay-Per-View are shifting so it's two nights in a row for us. Sure beats "Think You're Smarter Than A 5th Grader?"
We saw Music and Lyrics last night. Yes, yes, another romantic comedy. I just can't get me enough of them.
Imagine Hugh Grant playing Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore playing Drew Barrymore. Take a minute. Got the image? Yeah, that's it.
Here's the set up: A washed up singer (Grant) is given a couple days to compose a hit for a Brittany-esque sensation. His plant waterer (Barrymore) turns out to be a born lyricist. Love blooms amidst the creative angst.
As light as The Holiday was, this is even lighter. This is downright cotton-candyish. The saving graces are the incredibly good parodies of Wham, VH1/MTV, Brittany/Christina/Shakira, etc. and Grant's spot on comic timing. His dry delivery is perfect for such lines as:
"Anybody see 'Battle of the 80's Has-Beens' last night? That Debbie Gibson can take a punch."
I give this movie 2 jujubees out of 4. (If it had Jude Law to look at, like The Holiday, I'd have bumped it up another 1/2 a jujubee)


Mary said...

Cute! Thanks for the comment and reading my blog. I like the way you write, very wity. Cheerio!

kathycfg said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog about this movie, as far as Englishmen go I much prefer Grant, Law just seem to be the same boring guy in every movie.....it's a real turn-off.

lacochran said...

Mary, thanks for the compliment! Back atcha!

lacochran said...

You listen to him?? ;)