25 June 2007

Georgian Wine (as in the Country)

We were at Whole Foods in Springfield this weekend and there was someone from the country of Georgia offering samples of Georgian wine. It seemed a long way to come and I didn't have high hopes. Shows what I know. The wine was quite tasty and we bought a bottle of one of the whites.

The image show here is the "Famous Georgian vineyards in Kakheti" according to Wikipedia. Wikipedia also says "Agriculture-- especially wine-making traditions -- date back to prehistoric times, and still account for an important share of the
nation's economy." ... "Georgian cuisine and wine is highly appreciated worldwide and it has evolved throughout the centuries, adapting traditions from different eras. "

Click on the wine link above and learn why they call Georgia "the birthplace of wine"!

Live. Learn. Do both.


Dezel said...


Nice post and thanks for the education - I will have to try some. I hear they are inexpensive, have good acidity and low alcohol, so great to pair with foods.


lacochran said...

I think these bottles meet with your description. Happy sipping! :)