08 June 2007

I'd Come But I'm Too Shy

Let's play "What's wrong with this picture?"

I am a Meetup advocate. If you haven't checked it out, see http://www.meetup.com/. Enter your location or your interest and there's probably a group near you that you'll want to check out. In addition to the regular meetup we attend to play cards, we try different meetups from time to time.

So imagine my surprise when I'm scanning the long list of meetups scheduled for this week and I come across a meetup specifically for "Shyness & Social Anxiety". Ummm, do people really show up??

Speaking of "What's wrong with this picture?"... Remember that dopey kids magazine "Highlights" that was always in the dentist's office? Most of it was really lame, even for kids, but I used to love the page with all the hidden items in the drawing. Almost made going to the dentist worthwhile. Almost.

How come there are all these "Hide a Word" puzzle magazines but you never see a magazine on these? Could be a million dollar idea there. And here I am giving it free of charge to the blogging universe. Make a million on it. Go on... with my blessings.


Anonymous said...

Are you yanking our chain about the Meetup group for social anxiety disorder????

lacochran said...

I couldn't make this stuff up! I swear it's true.